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  1. The same procedure will work for an elk hide......I've done a couple of white tail hides this way......200 is a lowball.....probably more like 20,000 plus....maybe not quite that many depending on the quality of the hair, I've used elk hair in the past for spinning/stacking bass bugs also... Mike
  2. I've used one in the past.....warning! trimming deer hair is messy enough.....the electric trimmer throws it everywhere! Mike
  3. I split the tail, scrape the fat/flesh off, throw borax on to soak up moisture.......prior to doing this, however, tos it in the freezer for a couple days.....pull out for a day or two, then toss back in freezer for a couple more.......helps kill tiny critters.... Mike
  4. I missed out......It's back to it's original price......
  5. Nice simple pattern.......I like it! I'll have to tie a few up.....I think they would be killers for the local panfish....especially the rock bass in my neighborhood stream......thanks for sharing.... Mike
  6. Ouch! Sorry to see that Steve....can't wait to see your vacation pic.s though! Mike
  7. MIKE*A


    Hey guys, Green Caddis Outfitters/Hatches Magazine/this website are all run by Will aka Smalliehunter.......Will has always been a very dependable guy, Steve aka Steeldrifter posted awhile back that Will was going thru some kind of family emergency, I'm sorry to hear that you have had some difficulties, hopefully he will make it right with you once he gets back on his feet....he always has in the past....He started those other ventures to help defray the cost of running this website which has been up for over ten years now..... Mike
  8. Welcome aboard! I'm in LE as well.....close to retirement.........beekeeping and kayaking are two of my hobbies as well.... Mike
  9. Beautiful area! I was up there about 8 years ago.....thanks for sharing the pics. Mike
  10. That's awesome! I didn't start with that kit, but got a kit from ll beans during that same time frame with a Thompson A vice and that same book......I still have the vice and book! Mike
  11. Definitely call Chris helm as a couple of others have previously mentioned! If you don't have good deer hair, it can be very frustrating! Chris hand picks his and will set you up with everything you need.....I get all of my deer hair from him.....I ran into him at theBUFF show this past winter and stocked up......he had been sick and quit the show circuit for awhile....... Mike
  12. Wow! Nice looking fly and fish! Just curious, were you sight casting or blind casting? I would think that fly would make a pretty big "Plop" and you wouldn't be able to cast it as close as you normally would when sight casting for carp.....That should also be a killer smallmouth fly in streams w/sculpin/mad toms! Mike
  13. MIKE*A

    A Good Read

    Sounds good! I will have to look for it.... Mike
  14. Boston's a great city! In addition to all the good trout fishing in Massachusetts, you have some great saltwater flyfishing and your a short drive to southern Maine.......I lived there many years ago....Been back a couple of times in the last 15 years........biggest drawbacks......cost of living....excise taxes.....no fault insurance......also a lot of kettle ponds with great bass/panfish/ pickerel.....all fun on the fly...... Mike
  15. I've tried all of that.......still wo't work for me for some reason.......I give up.....
  16. Hasn't worked for me for about a week now....... Mike
  17. The 60-20-20 is a tried and true method........the main thing is that the first part of your leader be no less than 60% of the diameter of the end of your flyline......I generally use about a 6" piece of Mason Hard Mono on the end of my flylines to attach my leader to w/a handshake knot.......I use flouro quite a bit as leader material for subsurfae fishing....to be honest, a lot of times I just strip off a 4-5' piece of flouro, 8-12# test and use that as my leader coming off that piece of Mason hard mono...... Mike
  18. MIKE*A

    tippet rings

    Hey Bryon, I took a look at that website, which size do you use? Mike Nevermind, I think I figured it out!
  19. You know, the reality of it is that marijuana is already damn near legal in most states.....I've worked in law enforcement in Ohio for almost 25 years, the majority of that time has been handling drug investigations......If you get caught smoking a joint or even in possession of less than 100 grams, it is a minor misdemeanor offense.....a ticket that you can pay by mail, no different than a public intoxication charge....The only way you will be arrested on a minor misdemeanor is if there are other extenuating circumstances.....As far as it being illegal Federally, you will never get charged in federal court for marijuana possession or trafficking unless there is an extraordianary amount in involved,.....like atleast 500 pounds! Any smaller cases are referred to the local courts....the only exceptions to this might be if you are caught on government property or something like that....earlier in my career, I used to wonder if we were doing the right thing by wasting resources fighting drugs like marijuana.....I am not looking to argue w/anyone, only share my opinion.....I think it is wrong to legalize marijuana.....I do believe it is a "gateway drug"......I have interviewed thousands of drug users and everyone of them admitted to starting on marijuana and getting bored w/it and moving on to something more potent, many of them had never touched alcohol......I realize this is no scientific study and I am only interviewing the "ones that got caught", but with that and having teenage kids, is enough to convince me that it should not be legalized...the next step above weed is meth, heroin, or coke and that is scary stuff..... just my $.02 Mike.
  20. Nice boat! I am glad you are getting a rudder....I have a 12' and it is an older model w/a drop down skeg which is not as efficient as a rudder, but better than nothing....I went with the 12 because 90% of my fishing is smaller rivers and portability....the 14 is a much better all around boat......You will enjoy it! Mike
  21. I fish out of a native ultimate as well.....love it.....It is heavy compared to some sit insides, but lighter than most sit-on-tops which is one of the reasons i went w/it.....throw it on top of my jeep and go! Mike
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