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    Welcome aboard! you picked the right site to join....everyone is always willing to give advice and help out....also quite a few members from your neck of the woods... Mike
  2. MIKE*A

    Blue Dragons

    Very nice ties! That is the predominant color in my area though i will occasionally run across some cinnamon colored ones....Years ago i was fishing a pond in my bellyboat using a similiar pattern and actually hooked a LM bass about 12 inches long on my backcast when it dipped a little low....he hit that fly about a foot above the water....another time I was wading a river and on the far bank I saw what appeared to be a damsel fly hatch coming off...there were dozens of damsels hanging on the weed stalks near the shore drying their wings and every now/then one would gt blown off the stalk and hit the water and would immediately get slurped up.....I tied the biggest dry fly on that I could find in my box and cast just above the weedline and let my fly drift down thru the channel right where I had seen the rising fish and hooked into what I beleive was a good size carp....I never did see the fish, but he fought like other carp i have caught...one run uostream and then turned 180 deg. and shot downstream thru my legs faster than i could strip line..wrapped around my legs and off......
  3. I remember finding the site....I was researching a trip to cape cod and on one of the east coast striper sites was a link to FTF.....there was actually some sort of fly ID game or something on the site....I lurked for a while and finally gave in and joined myself......I joined October 2003.....congrats Will and Steve on the 10th anniverary......a couple of months early.... Mike
  4. Great recommendations on GSP thread, quality deer hair, and Chris helm DVD,s..........go to whitetail flytying.com, that is helms fly shop. He sells the absolute best deer hair, I stocked up on his deer hair this past weekend at the BUFF show in Cincy, Ohio. He hand selects al of his deer hides......just tell him what you need the deer hair for, muddler heads, bass bugs, etc. and what size hooks and he will set you up! Mike
  5. Also go to the Little River Outfitters website in townsend Tn......great fly shop and they have a forum w/a lot of good info....... Mike
  6. MIKE*A

    Boston Area

    Hey Mike, Just a thought.....if you have access to a car, the Kittery Trading post is just across the border in New Hampshire and if you don't mind a longer drive.....someone correct me if i am wrong....when i was up there a few years ago, my wife and I drove up to LL.Beans and back in one day....I want to say it was about 4-5 hours 1-way and we were staying south of Boston in Plymouth....well worth the drive! they have a huge clearance store and a pretty big fly shop! I would also recommend stopping for lunch and/or Dinner at the "Maine Diner".....since it is too cold for you to get out...Wimp! Seriously if it does warm up, take the subway or commuter train into the North Station and spend a day walking the "Freedom Trail".....you won't regret it... the Subway/commuter train is very safe and Boston is a great city to explore on foot..... Mike
  7. Don't forget about buck tails........simple to tie use colors native to your area or stick with the basics, black/white, chartreuse, olive, you get the idea.........feather wing streamers are nice, but going after pike, may not hold up as well........I got hooked on murdich minnows last year, all synthetic, shed water well, bulky so they push water well and fairly durable....here is a link http://www.flyfishohio.com/Murdich_Minnow.htm Mike
  8. MIKE*A

    Boston Area

    I believe the Marlborough fly fishing show is like 1/18-20....if you can get in a day or two early you could take that in.....I've heard it's a pretty good show.....Unfortunately, i haven't lived up there for 35 years so i am no help.... Mike
  9. Merry christmas everyone! Mike
  10. MIKE*A

    Christmas Bow

    Great pics! Great colors! Mike
  11. Wow! Sounds like a great trip! Mike
  12. The MVFF is a good club, I'm sure you will enjoy the classes...I don't belong, but know quite a few members.....I've been meaning to join, just haven't had the time....with my youngest graduating from HS this Spring, I have a feeling i will have more time on my hands....Is your cabin near Ely or closer to Gunflint? I've caught Northerns, Smallmouth, and walleye on the fly up there, but have yet to catch a Laker....I am generally there mid-Summer and they are down too deep then....Some day! Mike
  13. I have the same problem with that site and the classic flies site.......I'm not sure what the solution is...... Mike
  14. Welcome aboard! I'm over in Dayton......I'm envious of your retirement plans.....I love the boundary waters! Mike
  15. Very nice! I have tied some in the past on smaller hook sizes in olive and fox fur as crayfish pattterns......I think I used the same article for reference. Mike
  16. The easiest way is a sharp razor blade.......ugly flies catch fish do catch fish! Mike
  17. Happy B-day Steve! Mike
  18. The 14.5 is going to track/paddle a lot better than the 12'.....especially with a rudder.....If you spend a lot of time on big water, you will want to get her the 14.5.....one other option is to get the 14.5 solo/tandem...pop a seat out slide one forward and you have a solo when you are on your own.... Mike
  19. Welcome aboard Chad! I'm from Dayton...there are quite a few members from Ohio as well as other surrounding states...you will also see (if you haven't already) quite a few Midwest Steelheaders. Mike
  20. I have a NW U-12 and love it! It's small enough and light enought that i can toss it up on my jeep w/no difficulties....the 14.5 is a better all around boat, particularly in bigger water....90% of my time is spent on smaller rivers though i did have my boat out on the Chesapeake this Summer.....To me, the only thing I dislike about the U-12/14 is how low the seat is...it's great for stability, but a lttle awkward trying to stand up or climb out.....I use a floatation cushion to sit on which gives me a lttle higher vantage point to sight fish and helps with the in/out, up/down issues....If I hit a little rougher water to where i want the lower center of gravity, I remove the cushion....There are a lot of nice boats out there,SOT's and hybrids...they all have their pro's/con's......The other boat I considered at the time was the Coosa...great river boat! It just diodn't work for me, primarily because of it's weight....Good Luck! Let us know if you have any more ???'s. Mike
  21. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Mike
  22. Welcome aboard Jeff! I took a leave from flytying myself......though not nearly as long as yours......I ran across this site shortly after it's inception back in 2003 while I was recuperating from ACL reconstruction surgery and it caused me to dig out my gear and get started again......I still have a lot of distractions, but they are winding down and I'mnot retired yet, but can atleast see the light at the end of the tunnel......I've gained a lot of inspiration from this site and over the years met a lot of great people...... Mike
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