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    What do you do...

    I've been a cop for 15 years...........the first 6 years in uniform, then a Detective doing drug investigations for 7 years, then 15 months doing general investigations(robberies, burglaries, etc.) Now i'm back doing drugs on a regional DEA Task Force. Couldn't imagine doing anything else. Mike
  2. Welcome aboard Sketch and Vima!! Vima, Alaska is a dream for a lot of us..........
  3. I bought some individual 8.5x11 sheets at wal-mart(craft section). I found a nice blue to match the damsel flies which i use a lot in mid-summer.......as far as hooks, it depends on what I have on hand, but I have used streamers w/out a problem and also used popper/deerhair hooks and wetfly/nymph hooks. I put a thread base down and then some super glue (gel) and then the body. in the case of the damsel flies, i then wrap thread around it to simulate the segmented body as well as to help hold the body down until the glue sets. Mike
  4. I've got a Bean 8' 5/6 wt, 2 piece that i've had for years..........couldn't even tell you the model........It's become my everyday rod, particularly if i'm going exploring, or just somewhere new and don't want to bring a lot of gear, i just grab that rig and run........I'm far from an expert, but it handles nicely for me. Mike
  5. MIKE*A


    This is the year for the "Brood X" cicadas............they appear every 17 years. If you do a search, smalliehunter posted some photos of them. they tend to be smaller than the big green/black cicadas thast appear every year. I remember the last time bood X came thru in 87...........it was unbelievable!
  6. I don't know what they call it, but it looks fishable to me.........I made up a bunch of rabbit strip leeches last week in black and olive........i thickened a couple up w/chenille like you did........I'm going to have to go get some rabbit in white now. That thread on cutting your own strips came at a good time.......I just finished a batch of rabbit strip crayfish (crosscut) in brown and olive and was just thinking of cutting and dyeing some on my own. mike
  7. Congratulations!!!! My "baby" girl just turned 9.........Enjoy every minute you can with her, you won't get that time back........ Best wishes to Mom/Daughter, mike
  8. MIKE*A

    dont look now!

    I'm driving up in august to see my Bosox...........been meaning to get up there the past couple years, just never got around to it. the wife and i went ahead and ordered tix, so i guess we're committed now. Young should be back by then, I always liked him in cincy........he was known as "The Meat Man" hereabouts. Never really had a set position.....played 1st, 3rd, lf, and rf. Mediocre at best in the outfield. Hit for a decent avg., just not quite the power you would want from a 1st baseman with an avg. glove at best and no wheels. It sounds like I'm trashing him, but that wasn't my intention.........he was a popular player back here, always played hard. Mike
  9. MIKE*A

    This is the Year

    I'm pumped!!!!..........they should start appearing in 4-6 weeks. I've tried several patterns. I started out with some "madam x's" in black w/ orange bucktail/flashabou wings and orange/black elastic legs...... and recently made up some foam poppers........not nearly as nice as BDH's..........hopefully still work though. Mike
  10. I had umpteen years of French from elem-thru High School followed by 3 more years in college. Haven't used it since......I can still read French and if it is spoken slow enough, understand it. If I had it to do all over again, i would have taken Spanish......I could really use it at work now.......When i was a young kid (late 60's-early 70's) my father got stationed in Turkey and we lived off the base in a small Turkish town. My brother and i ran the streets all day with Turkish kids. we learned the spoken language pretty well(no reading/writing). any time we went anywhere w/our parents or other American adults, I was the translator......
  11. that is a very generous offer John.......Thanx........I will be up that way the last two weeks of June. We'll be using my brothers place in Pembroke as our base. we're going to try and shoot up to Maine for a few days.......still in the planning stages. We've been trying to land some tix for the Bosox the last week of june against the Twins. We went to the online Box office and all they have left are single seats........I've got my brother out trying to scam some seats for us. Even if we don't see them while we're up there, we got tix to see them at comerica Park in Detroit in August. Have you been to any games in Pawtucket? We're considering that as well. Do you catch any of the Cape Cod league games? From what i understand, they don't start up until after 7/4.......
  12. Awesome reports BC........I haven't even been out yet. The Stillwater has been looking real good the past couple days(I cross it everyday on my way home from work), but i just haven't been able to get down and fish it. Mike
  13. Will, Sorry to hear..........We will keep you in our prayers. It amazes me each and every day the new advances made in medicine. I read an article the other day that there is a new knee replacement procedure that is done now with only a 4" incision! You've been given some good advice already, definitely get a couple more opinions........and i particularly liked Steelheader69's advice.......speycasting brother!!!!! Mike
  14. My preference is to camp...........nothing like sitting around a nice campfire in the evening with cold beverages, good cigar, and bs'n with your buddies after a long day of fishing. At one time or another I have done all of the above though..... Mike
  15. I'vr never seen that mag...........probably because i live in Ohio.........is it quarterly or monthly?
  16. MIKE*A

    Float tubes

    Hey Red, They are a lot of fun.....in small ponds and lakes. I have 2, 1 round and 1 u-shape. The u-shape is much easier to fish out of, but not quite as stable. As I recall, the round ones tend to be less expensive because the floatation is provided by a truck innertube whereas the u-shaped have individual, custom made air bladders. That said, I prefer the u-shaped. Another good point brought up by flymaster is the rod lenghth. the longer the rod, the easier it is to cast.....less chance of dragging the line behind you. unlike standing on the shore or boat deck, you lose the lower half of your bodies height in casting. My longest rod is a 9' which I've used quite a bit in my belly boat, I've also used an 8.5' rod quite a bit and found as my arm gets tired, I have a tendency to catch water on my backcast.......they are a lot of fun on a hot day........drifting around in a nice cool pond....... Mike p.s.-when I was a kid, i made one out of two truck tubes. Inflate one, cut the other in to thirds. lay one third inside of inflated tube. punch holes on each of the four corners of the cut piece. punch one hole on the middle of the back and one hole on the middle of the inside. install metal grommets in your holes, then take rope and tie it on to the inside of the inflated tube. the rope on the inside of the cut piece is tied across to the far side of the tube and is your release if you need to drop out of the tube. Once your seated in it, you can adjust your seat tension with the two center ropes.
  17. Does "in my dreams" count? Probably not what you were looking for.............
  18. MIKE*A

    Upset baby !!!!

    I listened to the X game on my car radio..........that was an @$$ whoopin'....
  19. Happy B-day Will!!! 25th??? Wow! I hope your in better shape tomorrow than I was the day after my 25th....... mike
  20. A couple years ago, i was floating around a small pond in my bellyboat when the water started erupting with bass launching themselves at the damsels fluttering above the water........the closest thing i had were some small black poppers, but they worked........it was a very enjoyable hour and a half. One bass even went after my popper in mid air (about a foot above the surface)!!
  21. I like the design............I would prefer to see it embroidered as opposed to screened. I unfortunately have a "pumpkin" head as well (7 3/4 in a fitted). Fitted would be nice, however, I would wear one with a fabric or leather adjuster in the back as opposed to the cheap plastic snap together thingamabobs........... Mike Oh yeah, make sure the underside of the brim is dark........
  22. Awesome!!!!!! I never made it on the field, but did get my picture taken in front of Pesky's pole.........and leaning out touching the "Green Monster"
  23. thanx........i'll take you up on that. I'll be staying with my brother in pemboke. He works out on the cape and his wife works in downtonw Boston. They moved there this past summer, we visited over Thanskgiving........looking forward to getting back. I would be interested in any backwater/salt pond areas you could point me towards.....not looking for any trophies......maybe some small schoolie stripers if I'm lucky.....I'll probably have some small kids in tow. i wouldn't mind hitting a beach with the flyrod.......it would have to be a relatively calm day, I don't think my skills are up for it otherwise. Mike
  24. I fail to see the humor in this..............
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