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    Bass Seaducer

    Nice looking fly.....I was looking for a couple new (to me) leech patterns to play with this winter. I'm not familiar with that hook, is that a short shank?
  2. MIKE*A

    Ohio Sucks..

    No, you aren't crazy.........it's 10,000+ acres of reclaimed strip mines that was originally leased by several of the larger zoos in Ohio to grow hay and other somewhat exotic plants to feed their herd animals. They then started using it as a place to store their surplus animals from their breeding programs. They now use it as an educational tool for schools, scouts, etc. You can go there and take a mini bus safari and see all the wild animals. they just recently opened it up to fishing, but i think they have some sort of exclusive agreement with "Mad river Outfitters" out of Columbus to run guided trips there. In checking their website, their trips are a little pricey......I think i will stick with my trips to the Ohio Power Lands which butt up to the wilds......other than holiday weekends, I have never hit big crowds there........nothing like a long weekend floating around a beaver pond in your belly boat.....
  3. MIKE*A

    Ohio Sucks..

    I'll grant you, Ohio isn't the best flyfishing.........but, I still get out and enjoy myself. Have you ever heard of a place called "the wilds". Flip Pallot filmed an episode of "Walkers Cay Chronicles" there this past July. I wanted to get up there to see him, but couldn't make the time. Mad River outfitters out of Columbus hosted him. "The wilds" is about an hour East of Columbus off I-70. they have pic.s posted on their website. I've been checking the Walkers Cay website, but they haven;t posted their 2004 show schedule yet.
  4. I'll definitely be picking your brain for next Summer, my brother just moved up near the Cape. In fact we're going to run up and visit him over Thanksgiving. I plan on going up for a couple weeks next Summer and hope to try some of your Striper & Bluefish first hand.....
  5. I had never had the opportunity to flyfish in the salt until about 5 weeks ago. We ran down to Panama City for the kids Fall Break (year round school). I've fished the surf or off piers or jetties and had a ball, but never had the nerve to try flyfishing. I woke up one morning about 0700 and walked out on the balcony and for about 300 yards either direction up the beach, the water was boiling and there was absolutely no wind. I grabbed my rod and ran down to the beach and for the next two hours had the time of my life!!! At first I hit nothing but Ladyfish in the 2-3# range, then I started hitting Spanish Mackeral and eventually a couple small Blues. A couple times, I had to wade out to my chest to reach them.......At the end of the two hours, they were still feeding, just well beyond my range and it was just as well because my shoulder was throbbing. I am looking forward to tying some of these patterns Striblu is posting as well as picking his and everyone elses brain for the next time I go. Mike
  6. I've always got a supply of cork poppers on hand............one evening back in September I unexpectedly found about two hours of free time so I grabbed my rod and hit a farm pond i have access to nearby. I tied on a popper, put on an 18"dropper w/ a nymph and had a ball!!........In about 90 min.s, I caught 6 bass between 1-3 #'s on the popper, on the nymph, I caught countless bluegills, a 2-3# channel cat, and a 5-7 # grass carp!...........I also broke off what i am guessing was another big(ger) cat. Good time..........
  7. Soccer & Baseball coach, Cub Scout Leader (final year), fishing, hiking, camping, bicycling, driving my Jeep...........just about anything outdoors.
  8. Keep us updated...........I'll definitely drive down.
  9. Thanx for the welcome guys, I've been bouncing around the board and like what I see.........
  10. I've been a Red Sox fan since the day I was born.........My second favorite team right now is..........the Marlins!!!!!!!! God I hate the Yankees..........
  11. Hey All, I just ran across this board and am looking forward to some good discussions/information sharing/BS this Winter............I fish primarily warm water and am fortunate enough to be able to walk down my street and fish the Great Miami River (smallies, carp, and the occasional Largemouth or Channel Cat) or walk up to the other end of my street and fish the Stillwater River (Smallies and lots of Rock Bass). I do have a pretty good Trout stream about 40 minutes North of me (Mad River), but with 2 young ones usually in tow.........Well.......I just can't seem to find the time to get there anymore. My brother just recently moved to Cape Cod, hopefully I will be able to get up there next year and try my hand at some blue/striper fishing.........
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