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  1. I have fished for N. Pike a few times in minnesota.......All I used were bunny strip streamers, bith single and double....they are pretty durable, just a little bulky when wet.....as far as smallies, I would agree w/tidewater's selections.....my 1st pick would probably be wooly buggers in olive or black followed by clousers, chartreuse over white my 1st pick followed bu black over white for my second.......I have never used the Murdich minnows for Pike, but I would think they would be killers w/the size/flash, plus they typically don't hold water so are much easier to cast in bigger sizes.... Mike
  2. I'm w/Deeky....I use Zonker strips for body as well for the same reason as he stated.... Mike
  3. Very nice! Your brother should be very pleased.... Mike
  4. Very nice TW! I actually tie up a box of those for my vacation to the Eastrn Shore this past Summer...I love how bulky they are and how much water they move, but don't soak up water and become difficult to cast...... Mike
  5. Congrats and thanks for sharing! I have caught Northerns on the fly myself, but have never caught a Musky....It's on my bucket list for sure! Mike
  6. MIKE*A

    1,380 Miles

    Congratulations! I'm sure it meant a lot to him that you made it and for you, I have no doubt that the trip was worth every penny..... Mike
  7. I've been known to drop a line w/my flyrod and "troll" as i paddle my kayak or canoe around a lake..... Mike
  8. MIKE*A

    fly show coming

    It sounds like a great show....unfortunately, it's a little too far of a drive for me this weekend......I love your Shannon streamer! I tied/fished it for the first time this past season and had a lot of luck w/it.....especially in sept/oct......Haven't seen the worm fly yet...... Mike
  9. Uh.....NO! I don't want to know......more importantly, I don't want my wife to know! Mike
  10. I remember Baileys and Kaufmans! Don't recall Hunters...... Mike
  11. My wife has an app called "map my tracks" that is great for hiking and we use it when we go kayaking as it maps your speed/mileage etc.....also allows you to make notes on your map such a rapids or good holes, or anything else you may want to remember......not exactly flyfishing, but very useful none the less.....especially if you are out in your yak. Mike
  12. Great Idea! Here are a few things I found around my desk! Mike Sorry for the poor quality photos....i took them w/my IPAD....
  13. Welcome aboard Rob! It sounds like you won the lottery! When you get a chance, we'd love to see photos of some of those flies! As far as your materials, I'd put them in an airtight container w/mothballs or something....better yet, put the feathers/skins in the freezer for a couple of days, pull them out..thaw...put them back in again for a couple more days them pull them out and let them thaw....then the airtight container w/mothballs....just in case they picked up unwanted critters whereever they were stored at! It sound like you made quite a find! Mike
  14. Got mine the other day! Great job everyone! Loved your photo essay Will! Mike
  15. Using the right type razor blade makes a big difference! Another tip w/those that i probably picked up from here years ago is to cut the blades in half and put a little piece of duct tape on the edges so you don't cut your fingers and they are then even easier to bend.....After a bug or two you just toss it away and grab the other half.....Saves us older guys from trying to trim a bug w/the dull side of the razor.....again, Outstanding work Brutha! Mike
  16. Looks Great! I see that new head packing tool has helped a bit......The hair is much tighter and you are able to trim closer to the shank on the bottom as well! It looks like your eyes are recessed now, did you trim or burn the sockets out? I've been using a soldering iron, but think i need to upgrade to a cauterizing tool..... Mike
  17. I checked in at my local shop......they did not have any, but the guy there said what you are looking for is called "Medallion" sheeting.....He says he has some on order and should have it in next month......If you haven't found what you are looking for by then, let me know and i will check back..... Mike
  18. Welcome aboard! The crease fly sounds kind of like what you are describing.....it was designed for saltwater use, but I have tied it in smaller sizes for freshwater and fished it on a sinking line www.flyfishsaltwaters.com/Creasefly.htm I have also had luck catching walleye on bunny strip leaches (very easy to tie!) in black and/or olive Mike
  19. Congrats on the retirement and welcome aboard! Mike
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