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  1. Heres another shot of the spider, not quite the best picture in the world, but it shows the legs a bit better than the first shot
  2. This is actually my roommates first realistic...even more so, he's literally been tying for less than a month. I thought it was very impressive.
  3. here is another one that i tied up, a variation of some other chenobyl style flies that I've used. Again I tried to make it so it casts a larger shadow on the water.
  4. Thanks for the advice...I like to use the double wing, or in this case its more like a triple, the split foam wing-elk hair wing-and goose feather wing, for as much of a shadow presence as possible. I tried to mimic a mudwasp with the abdomen but also tried to kinda cross the whole thing between a mudwasp, a mayfly and a pinch of dragonfly. It floats super high and casts a huge shadow making it look much bigger than it is. The eye of the hook is just under the folded foam head, set back just a bit to give the whole fly a bit of a gurgler action when stripped.
  5. I'm very new to fly tying. I've been fly fishing for bass for about 5 years now and I've finally started tying my own imitiations out of frustration with store bought bass flies. Be be gentle, but honestly critical...
  6. Just wanted to say hello. I'll be posting a lot on here I'm sure, mainly asking for assistance and showing off some of my flies that tie up with all of your advice. Still working on uploading my avatar, having a bunch of problems. See ya'll in a bit
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