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  1. In the light of face shot, or something? :dunno:
  2. At the end of road. Well literally.
  3. Hi, Jon Boy And thanks! River name is Merikarvia's river, Merikarvia is a small town. You can see that river location at a mab. Here is Merikarvia And It took a big tube fly. Not name on fly. (Yet) :help: Same plase at a Last wekend, where i caught that big salmon. We have so cold now !!!!
  4. Hi, Peterjay You are welcom to Finland! If you come here, I think yuo need conductor? So free to ask... Btw.... Also Pamela Anderson be related to some Finnich people.
  5. Hi all and thanks a lot! Graham man you put me an problem. Not relased at this time. That river fishing rules tell... All female fish you have to but back to the river, but you can take male fish if you like. Ok. Black fish not taste so good, so what you do that black fish? (nothing) About 60 years that is bigest salmon at that river, so work is ready. And now that fish´s promotion value is considerable. Original fish get to my tying room wall and a few copy get to some other plases. (Licence selling plases) I don´t know right words, but fish go here. => http://www.fishart.fi/galleria.html And clique it Seuraavat 5 kuvaa > it means next gallery...
  6. Hi, all flygirl, if you like to prepare wings by own hands. Try of this kind method. Aarne
  7. Mokai, your stone looks just good! I mean unbelievable stone!!! :bugeyes: First stone? C, Aarne
  8. Hi, well... I have it, but I don't have time to read it!!! :help: Well, maybe some day... Aarne
  9. Hi, Xavier Great damselfly and nice blue colouring! Aarne
  10. :bugeyes: Wow! Cool display and perch too! Aarne
  11. Graham, Unbelievable tie !!! :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: Aarne
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