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  1. The things that are really expensive, like good dry fly hackle, don’t really have substitutes. The best you can do is find good deals, buy less than premium grades, half necks, etc. The things that are easy to substitute tend to be things that are not too expensive to begin with, and I question the economics of doing so. You might find something in a craft store that sells cheaper per ounce than the equivalent item purchased from a fly tying supplier, but if you have to buy more than you would use in ten lifetimes, what did you really save? As someone who is just starting out, you are not in a position to know what is a reasonable substitute and what is not. As you’ve discovered, UV resin is kind of expensive. It’s also totally unecessary, for the most part. People use it for the convenience factor because it sets up quickly, but what’s the hurry? Head cement works fine for most flies. Nail polish can be used where you desire a glossy finish, but that’s just cosmetics. It is also more expensive per ounce that ordinary fly tying head cement, but some people don’t seem to realize that.
  2. Just do it Gene. It’s not that hard. I’m not particularly good at it, but I still catch fish on them.
  3. I never stopped tying Catskills dries. I don’t follow fly fads.
  4. I find that my email notifications from this site often get routed to my spam folder. Not sure why.
  5. gadabout

    Solar Eclipse

    That about sums up my feelings as well. It was 90% here in Long Island too. It didn’t really get very dark, which surprised me. We had a little viewing party in the parking lot at work, which was fun. While the eclipse was cool to see, in some sense it is really not any different than a bus passing in front of a street light. I’d love to have been on a trout stream in a totality zone though.
  6. gadabout

    Fly shop

    I made an order from them recently as well, and was pleased.
  7. I have generally had good experiences. The exception being Marriot’s, where you place an order and half the items are out of stock, but they don’t tell you until after the order is placed.
  8. Have not tied any salmon dries before and would like to try a few. What’s a standard hook for these that is readily available?
  9. Silver Grey Materials: Too damn many, LOL Reference: Poul Jorgensen Salmon Flies
  10. Nice tie niveker, and thanks for taking on the challenge!
  11. I’ve never used it before this fly either. Just happened to have some on hand. I went to a fly shop once to get some Diamond Braid, and this is what the guy sold me. i think it would be a lot of work to tie this fly with flash, but I’m sure it would be OK.
  12. Do I need to withdraw my challenge suggestion?
  13. Sad to hear. I always made it a point to stop at his shop whenever I was in the area.
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