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  1. Colorfull Hillbilly Hook scud size 12 Thread brown Body tan and brown icedub Rib gold wire Thorax brown icedub Hackle grizzly tied paraloop stile Post white pvc Edit: I meant Post white polypropylene.
  2. Hey hallo Easternfly! That's a good idea! I normally make intruders with a waddington shank up front and an upsidedown hook on a string. I would love to participate in such a swap, if you take European tiers. You know that I am Dutch. Love to hear from you again! Greets Sjo
  3. With a due date in january I can do this. When you accept me I will ty a klinkhÄmmer dry with a copper john dropper. KlinkhÄmmer size 10 and a Copper John style fly size 14. Sjo
  4. Nice initiative Margarertann! If you take European swappers I'd like to be in on this one. I fancy tying softhackled flies! Sjo
  5. I guess Kevin has a lot on his mind with his new job and him moving to Pennsylvania. He had to wait long for my flies to get tied and to cross the Atlantic. It all went difficult for Kevin but I'm sure he will deliver. He did so many swaps that went well. We just must give him some time allthough I understand that your granddaughter is disappointed. She will be very proud when she gets her selection off prime shrimps! Greets Sjo
  6. I would like a burnt orange Cap, no t-shirt ordered, I live in Europe, The Netherlands. I'd like to do Paypal. Greets Sjo
  7. Hi Kevin & co-swappers, I'm fine tying 3 times four tubes, in fact I love doing different tube-styles. I've got all the material I need, but I must first complete two other swaps. Greets Sjo
  8. Count me in Kevin! I will ty minitubes from Eumer with CdC-hackles. 2X6 is okay with me! Sjo
  9. I'd be in, I love tying tubes! Sjo
  10. My box arrived and now is joined with box nr 1 on display in my local flyfishing shop. I like the idea off tying 24 flies, 1 set to display and one set to decorate my favorit flytree. Sj:)
  11. Mine are done, please send me an addy. Sjo
  12. Great idea Kevin! If you decide to do this I surely would like to be in again!! Greets Sjo
  13. Hey Kevin, you're my favourit, come on, let's swap again! Sjo
  14. Okay then, Darwin's snitch Hook VMC # 14 Body Dark green silk Thorax Black Ice dub Wing polypropilene Hackle Furnace Okay? Sjo
  15. My flies are done and ready to go! They will hit the post tomorrow. Sjo
  16. My leaders arrived! A job well done gentlepeople! Thanks for hosting. Till the next time! Sjo
  17. My choice is Picric Partridge and olive spiders bij Stendalen, http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?act=special&page=flyshow&showid=12114&setbook=yes Sjo
  18. Hi Kevin, do you still have a place open for me to participate in this fine Swap? Sjo
  19. Can someone please giveme an addy?? Sjo
  20. Ijust now read about your mom. That's really tough. My prayers go to her and to you in these trying times. My flies are done, can someone give me an addy, please? Sjo
  21. Oh boy, missed the deadline completely. I'm happy with the delay, won't be late again! Sjo
  22. Sorry posted double, but still glad with these flies!
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