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  1. I got mine saturday, great ties everyone. Thanks Easter fly for another succesfull swap! Sjo
  2. Okay Kevin, I'm good with that. Maybe you can invite someone personally? To fill up 6th place? Sjo And this reply is for making the giant step of the 100th post! Sjo
  3. Okay Kevin, I'm good with that. Maybe you can invite someone personally? To fill up 6th place? Sjo
  4. I'm in, if you'll have me , wil ty a Czech nymph! We have to work something out about cost for [post and packaging, because I'm from the Netherlands in Europe. Sjo
  5. We have six participants now plus the swapmeister. That's enough for me! Can we set a due date Kevin? If you think otherwise I'm good too Sjo
  6. Please count me in! I'll do Czech nymph leaders 12 ft long, with two droppers in the tippet. Sjo Being an European we must work something out as a compensation for post and packaging!
  7. I would like to do Czech nimph leaders: ten feet in total with a tapered upper part and a long fluorocarbon straight part with two droppers. Sjo
  8. I'd play. It has been a long time since I last made my own leaders, but I would be able to make them again. I never succeeded in making furled leaders, though. It's a great idea, let's do this! Sjo
  9. Glad they are there. Now I have to find out how to convert that money. Kevin Glad that mine are there too, sorry that I did not send you Euro's Thank you again for your patience and your friendship!! Sjo
  10. I'm tying on Tiemco hooks # 11 round bend body Ring Neck Pheasant tail fibers Hackle Gray Partridge Head Orange dubbing Sjo
  11. Yes, I got mine too! What a nice display of this Swap. I'm proud to have had the honour of being part of something like this! Sjo
  12. I'm cool with 6 weeks to ty! I'll do a (Yellow) Partridge and Yellow with a furry thorax. Sjo
  13. I love soft hackle swaps. If you take Europeans, who can't get American stamps, I'd like to play. I will compensate the swapmeister for his costs for postage, Paypal, extra flies, materials, we'll sort it out! Sjo
  14. Sjo

    Hey Sjo!

    That's cool! Glad that they work for you too! Your son get's a good upbringing, I'm sure! Sjo
  15. Flies arrived in the Netherlands! What a great swap! Thanks for hosting. Sjo
  16. Won't be long guys and girls and we can put this one behind us No hurry Dave, we just wait thid one out. I hope you will continue hosting, because you handle it well. Congratulations with your marriage! Sjo
  17. I promised one of you to send some eelskin, but all my messages are gone and so is the adress. Could you send it again? Sjo
  18. I got my flies yesterday. Nice job everyone! Sorry that mine did not come in. Special thanks to the swapmeister for sending me a bunch anyhow. Sjo
  19. Our postage service in the netherlands don't have international coupons so we have to work something out with extra flies or materials or Paypal. Grtzzz... Sjo
  20. I'd like to be in on this one, if you take European tiers! Sjo
  21. I just hope if he plans on getting it wet he puts his eel skin on the pink post :hyst: :devil: Hilarious, I really like what this swap is evolving into. Once Einstein said that a dirty mind is a joy forever! Or was it Clinton? Sjo
  22. Nowadays eel skin comes in strawberry taste! Sjo
  23. Sorry Blue that I didn't respond in time. I got two problems now, firstly I don't know how to make a decent picture and how to post it and secondly I allready sent the bunch to the swapmeister. Basicly they are small gray nymphs with a tiny piece off eel skin as wing cover. You could indeed substitute this eel skin for any other wing cover, as you allready did. When wet the eel skin softenes up and smells a little bit fishy, in my imagination that would be extra attractive to fish. Sjo
  24. Okay then, the game is on! I sent a pattern discription to number two on the list Bluegill576. Can I have a forwarding adress, my flies are done! Grtzzz... Sjo
  25. I'm daft enough to participate in such a swap, if you take European tiers. Sjo
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