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  1. I got my fly from Mark yesterday, great ty Mark, very neat. Must have been a treat to get the wings aligned! very impressive!! Thanks for hosting this one, it was a pleasure. I sent some extra flies to compensate for your costs. CU Sjo
  2. I got mine yesterday which is amazingly quick. Great ties everyone, it was an honour participating in this one! Sjo
  3. I'm in if you take continental tiers. We'd have to powwow because I can't buy American stamps over here in Europe. Extra flies for compensation of the costs you must make to send the flies back to me, or some material, or paypal? I'd like to ty CdC parachutes. Sjo
  4. If you take continental tyers I'd like to be in. We would have to work something out to compensate you for the postage because I can't buy American stamps in Europe. Maybe Paypal, or extra flies or some material? I'd like to do black whooly buggers if I'm in. Sjo
  5. Mark, I resent some flies to compensate for the postage. Did they arrive yet? Grtzzz... Sjo You're doing great as a swapmeister, you shouldn't think otherwise.
  6. My Syl's midges are done and they will hit the post tomorrow. Sjo
  7. Thanks for your patience! Nimphs Hook #14 jig hook Thread olive Belly green dub Shellback shiny olive Bug Skin Rib tying thread Emerger Hook curved #12 Body yellow ice dub Shellback shiny olive Bug Skin Rib 28 gauge green copper wire Hackle sparse CDC Sedge Hook curved #10 Thread 8/0 black Body palmered ginger clipped short Wing Traun river wing material mottled gray Hackle Brown Grizzley Egglaying sedge Hook curved #8 Eggball green icedub Body dyed yellow deer hair Fluttering wings dito Thread yellow Grtzzz... Sjo
  8. Yes it is, I believe you call them Rockworm. Grtzzz... Sjo
  9. Sorry to react so late. My daughter had a lawsuit against her about non-competition clausules in the contract she had with her former boss. This took unexpected much time and energy from me. I will not be able to make it for the due date, but I can send them out end off the week. Then they wil take between 6 and 10 days to reach the swapmeister. I will then give the tyingreceipts! Sorry again. Sjo
  10. Still nothing from Europe? Over here in the Netherlands I hosted a swap with 10 guys and only 7 packets made it. It really spoils much off the fun! I hope my flies will arrive shortly! Grtzzz... Sjo
  11. I would like to be in. I got a DVD from Mr Nemes and I will search it for a pattern. That is if you take European tiers. I can't buy stamps for return postage, so we must work something out regarding a compensation for you! Sjo
  12. Thanks Mark, glad they made it at last! Sjo
  13. My fly must still be in transit.... Grtzzz... Sjo
  14. I'm in, Sandfly is my theme (Ryacophila). Grtzzz... Sjo
  15. I like participating in Swaps because there's allways the challenge of new ideas or techniques. Some swaps are based on materials I never used, others on techniques I never used. So I learn alot.
  16. I think Horseshoes made this one!
  17. I'd very much like to be in this one, that is if you take European tiers. Sjo
  18. I'm in, if you take continentals Will do a CdC Paraloop emerger of a Blue dun. Sjo
  19. Hey, my pin arrived! Thanks all! And thanks Geozip for meistering this Swap!! Sjo
  20. See post #98, it's a size 4 Knapak Czech Nymph hook, I bought them via the internetsite of Jiri Klima. Over here everybody's got their skates out, too. Can't wait to get my hands on these flies, the pictures are great. Grtzzz... Sjo
  21. My question too! Anyhow I'llplay if you take continental tiers. Sjo
  22. Following your advice I went streamerfishing for Pike twice. Feeling much better indeed :yahoo: In the mean time our polders froze up and the fishing definetely ended. Coming weekend the temprature will rise again. We'll just have to wait and see. Sjo
  23. Hook#4 Knapak Czech nymph Lead wire Abdomen: underbody yellow Fly rite dubbing, overlaid with 4 Peacock herls over the back. Overbody made off a small strip off the sent material, which was a strip that sticks only to itself. The ribbing is a gold thread. Thorax: Golden olive dubbing overlaid with a bleached Hungarian Partridge feather, overlaid with the strip of material and tinted on the back of the abdomen and the torax with a waterproof Brown Pantone felt pen. The back off the fly is lacquered. It's a variaton off the Amonite Nympfh from Steve Thornton, UK. Grtzzz... Sjo NB My adress has changed permanently to the Psychiatric ward of The University Clinic Maastricht. Please don't send the flies back to my house, because my wife could open them. She had very much trouble getting our dog out of the curtains. :shocking:
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