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  1. Some are tiers some are artists. Gilly is clearly both. These flies are beautiful
  2. Those are some really great ties. Really like the golden pheasant tips...sets the fly off nicely.
  3. Don't worry about the English, your fly speaks for itself. In this way we like in U. S. Thanks for sharing
  4. Not really on your topic directly, but I've found that using a rotary vise seems to help reduce hackle breakage. If you're tying with a stationary vise I'd wager the hackle breaks when transferring the hackle from one hand to the other. Another alternative to the rotary vise is to use rotary hackle pliers which allow you to spin the hackle around the shaft without changing hands.
  5. I'll pass on that coffee....beautiful sculpin though
  6. Many digitals have a setting for extreme close ups...often the graphic used is a large tulip. Use the close up setting as well as the zoom. Finally if you have a choice of resolutions, select the best resolution available...this usually correlates with the setting that will let you store the least photos on your flash card. Also make sure the auto focus has a chance to detect the fly before you snap the shot.
  7. Jason- Great pics...you really have a way of making these ugly critters look good. And thanks for your very generous contribution to the sport (not to mention some wicked screen savers!)
  8. Great color on that antron dubbing. By the way, what's swiss straw. I'm not familiar with that material?
  9. I like the tail abdomen and some of the foam. Why the double wing? and where's the eyeof the hook. Certainly should float if your on rough waters, but if your after bass in ponds it probably has more floatation than it needs. Thanks for sharing, love seeing novel ideas!
  10. That's a pretty unique fly. Love anthing with peacock. What does it emulate?
  11. Would probably work well as a zebra caddis imitation. But I'm hanging on to my precious supply of JC until I hear what it catches!
  12. I think I dated her in college Anyhow very exciting colors!
  13. That abdomen really looks like it has gills. Fantastic tie!
  14. Impressive...very nice proportions.
  15. rewrapping the hackle a few times gives you a chance to practice your french!
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