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  1. Thanks for the tips. ......for some reason its not letting me give you a like.
  2. Thanks for the welcome! Yessir Havasu has been my home water for several years now. I thought I had caught some large sunfish before but last year while kayaking I had one shoot out of the weeds after a fly and that thing was no lie the size of a steering wheel. He was polite enough to give me a peek and wave at my fly as it went by but that was about it.
  3. Hey All - After almost ten years of membership im making my first post. I took several years off of tying and fishing in general due to health issues and im just now really getting back in the swing. Im in western AZ and am still trying to figure the whole warmwater thing out but ive managed to pick up a nasty addiction to chasing carp so im looking for all the tips and tricks I can get at the vice and on the water. Great forum, great members , thanks for having me!
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