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  1. I think that would work. I have a woodworker friend who may be able to build me a "spinner" as well.
  2. No pets. I am intrigued by the "tie hanger" idea. Does anyone have any experience with the Oasis Spinners?
  3. That is exactly what I'm currently doing. In fact, I even have the same boxes. I have a couple of boxes full and it takes some time to find what would like. I do like to keep my stuff stored away from light/bugs/dust but since my desk is in the basement (away from sunlight) and bugs aren't a problem with synthetics, I was looking for a better way to quickly see and access them. (Like the spinner idea) Just looking for a better/ more efficient way.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum and have loved what I've seen so far. I do have a question for my first post. I have a lot of flash material and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for storage/display on my bench. I'm tired of rifling through plastic boxes. Thanks again for any help.
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