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  1. Does anyone use a magnifying light ? I have been saving duck flank feathers (loose). If someone would like a few let me know. I will mail them to you in return for a fly returned to me showing how you used it. I have Mallard, Wood duck and Green Wing Teal. I am going again this weekend and hope to get a few more. Thanks for any info.
  2. Thanks for the info. I have not seen the braided connector. For awhile I was in the Bass Pro Fly shop once a week buying different materials, I will look the next time I'm in there. I printed off the directons for the "nail knot", I will practice it tonight. Thanks again
  3. Fairly new to Fly fishing , so be easy. What type of knot do you use when tying the leader to the fly line. Does anyone ever use those barbed eye inserts ? When fishing for bluegill and panfish I have just tied a loop in the fly line and attached the leader to it, as if it was an eylet, they don't seem to mind. In the past I have always caught my trout on spinners or bottom fishing with bait. Last year I made myself only take my fly rod to trout fish, after (5) small white bass I finally caught my first rainbow. I think I would have had better results with a clean knot at the leader. Recently I began tying my own flies. Nymphs patterns have come much easier to master than drys. Thanks, MTB
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