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  1. did not receive.... PM sent
  2. I need the address to send flies to please.
  3. Most of my smallie fishing was done via my canoe on the Kankakee River. It was still really clean back then, not sure now as I have not been to it in 14 years. Was a great way to spend a day for sure.
  4. Looking forward to this swap. I used to do a bunch of them for mainly smallmouth when I lived in Chicago. Moved back home to Missouri 14 years ago and have not done a fly swap since. I used to have my own site to display them, shabby as it was all the patterns were there. Anyway, glad to be aboard and back in the swap game. It is a lot of fun and you can come up with some great patterns and the newer tyers always get better at tying as they tye multiple patterns of same fly. I know when I was first tying I was pretty picky about what I sent in (and they were still suspect!)....always had to tie 20 to get 12 to ship off. lol Let's get 'er done! Keith
  5. I'm in. I will tye a Ruby midge in either size 18 or 20. Keith
  6. I have been trying to find some furnace hackle all day. I only tie this pattern in a size 12. I "thought" that a few years back I bought the Whiting 100 packs in this color but can't find them anywhere. Do they make this? If so, where is it available? Would really prefer to find it in size 12 100 packs or even a Whiting 1/4 saddle but I can't find furnace......help :wallbash: Keith
  7. Thanks for the tips. I think that I will just need to tye with a couple of different ones. I don't think that I would like the heat produced by the McKenzie but I really like the way that it attaches to the vice...will check out the ott lights. I am not too concerned about the cost as long as it makes tying more comfortable. I have always used a back drop plate and think it helps greatly.
  8. Hey everyone, I am new to this site as I have not tied any flies for a couple of years but am getting back into it now that time permits again. I look forward to getting into some swaps and getting the "rust and dust" off of my tools. I am in need of a new light for tying, the eyes are not what they used to be so I will probably need a little magnification also. I have been looking at the Giraffe light and the McKenzie Bright light. Has anybody got any pros / cons for either of these? Any other good choices? I will be using a Renzetti Traveler vice on a pedestal if that matters any. Thanks for any and all help. Keith
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