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  1. Kudu.... Good thing the tutorial will be helped .... I'm glad ... the zonker is a spectacular fly and as a comment, can be tied in many ways Thank you very much for your words
  2. hahaha ... bad luck .... It's incredible fly fishing in this area ... Coyhaique must be one of the best places the world to catch large fish ... Too bad you was unable to take advantage of .... About the fish with teeth like a catfish .... I know not any with those characteristics in these parts ... .... but anyway it must have been very entertaining .....
  3. Thank you very much Mikechell... this place is a paradise ... I have more flies on the blog ... if you want to see them ... some of them very entertaining A hug .. Toto
  4. Long time no walked around here, so I want to show my last works ... See what they seem ... Zonker by Toto® The step by step they can see it at: http://www.totofly.cl/2014/04/zonker-toto/ MR. HANKEY Mouse by Toto® The step by step they can see it at: http://www.totofly.cl/2014/04/raton-mr-hankey-toto/ WALLY WING by Toto® The step by step they can see it at: http://www.totofly.cl/2014/04/wally-wing-toto/ Also I take to show an amazing trip, that I made last month, to the beautiful Lake Yelcho - in Chile. The Hotel in Patagonia Yelcho I leave you a summary: http://www.totofly.cl/2014/03/hotel-yelcho-en-la-patagonia-la-entrada-al-paraiso-patagonico-chileno/ And a sample .... Hope you like ... A hug ... Toto®
  5. Yes .... is deadly ... Last week I went to test it and these were the results...
  6. I have many ... here: http://totofly.blogspot.com Hope you like ... A hug
  7. Thank you very much !!!... The truth is that there ... although the uv ink tends to run marker. Must be very careful not to damage the paint. That is why I prefer to do it the other way.
  8. Hello everyone! To see that this pattern seems ... For more information can be found in http://totofly.blogspot.com/2013/08/chaqueta-amarilla-by-toto.html A hug .. Toto®
  9. Hello friends .... It is only one week before my departure to the Caribbean for what is already underway the countdown ... These are the latest inventions of the arsenal ... Hope you like ... Fabrication and tied a Foam Popper .... by Toto ® Step by step in: http://totofly.blogspot.com/2013/05/fabricacion-y-atado-de-un-popper-de.html SW Flash Squirrel Shrimp Step by step in: http://totofly.blogspot.com/2013/05/sw-flash-squirrel-shrimp.html Hugs ... Toto®
  10. Here I give you some more ... but these are for salt water! SW Elk Shrimp Tying sequence: http://totofly.blogspot.com/2013/03/sw-elk-shrimp-by-toto.html The Black Dead by Toto® Tying sequence: http://totofly.blogspot.com/2013/03/una-black-dead-by-toto.html The UV Shrimp Tying sequence: http://totofly.blogspot.com/2013/02/uv-shrimp-by-toto.html And those who still have no video or name .... Hope you like ... Toto®
  11. Uffff .... a long time that I did not bring anything new, but here I am very motivated to take a trip and enjoy the season that is ending, although I have not had much chance to go fishing ... but that's life .... Here I show the last things. ... hope you like ... Streamer Sintético UV Head by Toto® Tying sequence: http://totofly.blogspot.com/2013/02/streamer-sintetico-uv-head-by-toto.html Zonker Chinchilla UV by Toto® Tying sequence: http://totofly.blogspot.com/2013/02/zonker-chinchilla-uv-by-toto.html Una Golden Stone by Toto® Tying sequence: http://totofly.blogspot.com/2013/02/una-golden-stone-by-toto.html Egg to Salmon by Toto® Tying sequence: http://totofly.blogspot.com/2013/01/un-huevo-de-salmon-by-toto.html Lajita..but as dry fly... by Toto® Tying sequence: http://totofly.blogspot.com/2012/11/lajita-pero-como-mosca-seca-by-toto.html That friends ... A hug and then I bring new inventions ... Toto ®
  12. Notable trabajo Sergio..... asombroso como siempre... Very gooood.....
  13. :D :D ....thank you very much, but not as well .... I helped a lot of google translate. Otherwise, we could not understand. I'm looking to make English subtitles for my videos ... obviously translating with google ... I'll see if there are good results A hug and thank you very much for your words .... Muchas gracias....
  14. Uffff .... I do not know .... in which I have, I see that 2 is thicker than 1 and 1 is thicker than the 2/0 ... But I think that a doc could give more details about it ... Anyway, I give you a fact, I made my flies with 2/0
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