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  1. I put up a step by step on my blog on this fly. I would swing this color combo all day on the John Day right now Rocky
  2. 1 I wiped up But the river is toast so will try it in the nere future Rocky
  3. Great fly for swinging this time of year. And some shots of a trip last week with Mark Omeara of PGA Fame and Marty Howard I tie this fly in many color combos. And i posted a step by step on my blog Rocky
  4. Some Laser Leech's And there is 8 days left for the drawing on a classic fly i tied. Go to my blog for the details Rocky
  5. 1 i tied up to give away go to my blog for details
  6. some moal's i tied for a guy today Rocky
  7. Tied this today, I uploaded a step by step on my blog on how to tie this. Rocky
  8. THE HOOK IS A 3/0 AJ. Fred the name is for the Adipose finn found on the wild steelhead witch hatchery fish don't have Rocky
  9. 1 i wiped up to fish in a couple days Rocky
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