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  1. Awesome pics and trip! Thanks for sharing.
  2. Thanks for the info. Yes, they have big GT, but I do not have a heavy 11-12 weight fly rod/reel and am just now purchasing a good 8 weight. When I say small to medium trevally I am more talking about bluefin, bigeye, and some of the other trevally that get up to like 15-20 pounds. The GT's are there, but I plan on fishing heavy spin tackle I already own with large poppers for those. Awesome looking flies and good info though, thanks! Phil
  3. I'm planning on using an 8 weight in the Indian Ocean for bonefish and small-medium trevally. I've caught various trevally on lures and know they can be picky creatures at times. What flies do you tie for trevally that will cast well with an 8 weight? (Not jack crevalle, although in the same family). I'm still starting in my fly tying venture. So far have some crazy charlie patterns, now tying some surf candies and jiggies, and a few clouser patterns. Should this cover me? Any particular sizes/colors? Thanks. Phil
  4. OK. Got different materials in now, so trying to play around with using them, guess I should just stick to the basic crazy charlie pattern. Question though. I've been using 1/8 in brass eyes and 1/8 chain eyes. Is there a big difference in weight between the two?
  5. Um, yeah, I'm two of your views, but still learning myself. Don't think anyone wants my sorry flies! Besides, I don't own any purple fly tying stuff.
  6. Got some supplies in. Attached is the next batch of bonefish flies that I have been tying. Pictures don't show a lot of the sparkle, krystal flash, UV dubbing. For bonefish is it better to stay with solid color (pink body with pink wing) or does mixing colors work well? Which of these should I tie more of? The only one that I really copied from a pattern was the real long brown one, from my Fly Tying video that came from my Bass Pro fly tying kit.
  7. Better than any of mine and I've tied a few dozen! Great job. I remember when I was in like 6th grade, I tried tying flies. Didn't have good materials so used pipe cleaners and fishing line, then couldn't figure out why the pipe cleaner rusted. :wallbash: Definitely could have used someone pointing me in the right direction back then.
  8. Thanks for the input. I'll be out of touch for a bit, but when I return will definitley look up your recommendations. I like to flyfish for trout as well, but won't be doing any of that in the next year or so until I get back to Japan in April 2010. In Japan I fish for Japanese trout: Iwana (whitespotted char), yamame and amago (a beautiful asian cousin of the rainbow?), and in stocked ponds/streams browns and rainbows. But for now, will concentrate on the saltwater stuff. Thanks, Phil
  9. OK, purchased pretty much everything that was recommended to me to purchase. J Stockard is loving you guys. Next question, I don't have internet in my room, what is a good video or book to start off with putting patterns together? Right now I can just play around with ideas in my head, but thats about it. What thread do you guys use for bonefish flies? I have some pink Danforth, and the stuff that came in my Bass Pro saltwater kit. Anything else that I ordered breaks extremely easily and doesn't seem to be what I need. Thanks for the pointers! Phil
  10. Absolutely amazing photos. What type of reel is that with the red on it?
  11. Hi all. Thanks for the kind words. Really no thanks needed, after 14 years in the military just doing my job like anyone else does. I really love wrapping rods, but since I didn't really want to try to deal with the hassle of shipping parts here and dealing with the dust, decided to try wrapping flies instead. So I ordered some things from J. Stockard (by coincidence) and have been tying between missions and after work for about a month and a half now. I got some feedback from a friend that my tails may be too long, I was kind of thinking the same. Those are some cool looking crazy charlie variants, may have to order some feathers. I pretty much only have calf tail, braid, eyes, hooks, flash, and thread. What else should I order? Thanks for the advice. Phil
  12. These are Mustad size 6's. I have some Gamakatsu's as well, but figure by the time I use the Mustad's up, the flies should be decent enough quality to not waste the Gamakatsu's. Here are the flies I tied shrunk in a smaller format. Hopefully makes it easier to view. What is cree hackle feathers and how to I put them in the tail?
  13. Need some feedback. Learning to tie flies in what little spare time I get. Supposed to go to Diego Garcia after this so want to tie some bonefish flies. The three on the left I tied based off crazy charlie patterns. The two on the left I purchased for an example to see proportion, etc. The middle fly on the left is wrapped with sparkle braid, didn't show up well. Please let me know if these will work for bones and how to improve them, thanks.
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