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  1. Bob, caging birds so they can't turn around and step on their feathers is most likely what Crackaig is talking about. That is how you get saddle feathers that are longer than the chickens legs without damaging them.
  2. The light tan you see on those feathers is the back of the furnace feather. The back of furnace or brown will always be a lighter color.
  3. Just as a side note, this is not completely accurate. Gamefowl (fighting chickens) will, once mature fight and kill each other out of natural (although selectivly bred for) intense aggression. "Normal" domesticated chickens, as mentioned, are not like this. Sometimes "feeders" that condition gamefowl feed them different things to try to enhance their performance but I doubt that anything they are given could increase their aggressive nature. Sorry, lots of useless stuff locked up in my brain with a degree in Poultry Science. As to the genetic hackle question, there are quite a few breeders popping up and some of them have some real high quality feathers. You can find some eggs for sale on eBay but like the others said, it is not just a "hobby" unless you only raise a few for yourself. Producing hackle for sale is a full time job! Look here for some info: http://www.ihgf.org/ Chickens are awesome, raise a few
  4. There are a number of small breeders that have larger saddles. One guy is selling on here, Conranch hackle has been taken over by Clearwater Hackle, and there are others that also have quality hackle most of them are quite a bit less expensive than the major brands. http://www.clearwaterhackle.com/
  5. Great looking birds and I'm glad you are getting some support on the forum! I've been raising hackle chickens for a long time and it is a great hobby.
  6. If you can't find any let me know, I'll have some pullets in a month or so that can go $5 ea. Mark
  7. That is totally incorrect. Cape feathers are selling for extensions as well for shorter hair or different effects.
  8. I'll see if I have any hen skins here. If I do I'll send it to you for the price of shipping.
  9. Yep, woolies are GREAT! Here are two that I tie, you can tie them in any size and they work great!
  10. I use 30 min. Devcon epoxy when I need it. You can get a great finish by using a disposible paintbrush, brush on the epoxy and then stick the hook in a piece of foam any epoxy that runs will run down the hook a little and not make drips on the head. You may have to experiment with it to get the correct angle but I epoxy several hundred jig heads this way and never have a problem.
  11. The seller has AWESOME feedback and a lot of it from different buyers. I would not be in the least bit worried to buy from him (if I needed any JC). Prices are great also.
  12. The finish on your balsa head is GREAT! I like it a lot! I agree, if you put some schlappen or feathers from the base of a cape in to give the tail more motion it would be good but it looks awesome. Good work! Mark
  13. I found this listing on ebay (not my listing and I don't know the seller). This is a great book for anyone interested in the history of hackle. It is out of print and I only see a few of them for sale each year. Here is the link to the ad: The Book of Hackle
  14. I donate hackle to a group that works with kids, if you are interested PM me and I'll get you the info when I get home. Mark
  15. Springs wiggler is a good one for salmon/ steelhead that I use squirrel tail on for the shell back.
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