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  1. The Purple Heart Anglers create fishing events for disabled veterans. We have had over 250 of these warriors fishing with us this year as a result of this program. We invite them to join us for a day of fishing. We provide all food, tackle and boat fees. The State of California has waved the one day fishing license fees for them. We have had events all over California this year and are going to do this in other states starting in 2010. The oldest participant was a 92 year old WWII Bomber Pilot and the youngest, a 25 year old veteran from the Iraqi situation. We are looking for a fly that represents the Purple Heart medal, worn by our combat wounded. We intend to select a fly that can be given to these participants as a reminder of their day and our gratitude for what they have given. We also intend to use the Purple Heart Anglers Fly for fundraising. We havn't finished with all the details yet and would ask for your input. If this is something that you as an individual or an organization can get behind please let us know. I have seen what you as fly tyers can create and I look forward to what you will come up with. Thank you Randy
  2. First I would like to thank everyone for their interest in this project. I have been talking to everyone I know about this and the response is wounderful. The flys that are being created are beautiful and show the skill and passion you as a community have for this form of art and fishing as a sport. I have looked at the flyes that have already been created and am amaized by the beauty. I look forward to seeing them all and having one as an "Official" Purple Heart Anglers fly. The possibilities of what can be created here are endless. Thanks again Randy Houston Purple Heart Anglers
  3. Good afternoon I was on the internet and saw your site I'm Randy Houston I'm amaized at the possibilities you are creating here. A Purple Heart Fly, The possibility of a contest. Thank you Randy Houston President, Purple heart Anglers
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