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  1. gillfan51


    Don't have a picture, but... Trying to ID a fly I saw on my local stock tank (good fishing for bream, LMB, and catfish). The fly looked like a dragonfly, but it was a light rust color and only 1/4 inch long (about 5/16 wing-spread). The wings were held flat, like a dragonfly, so I'm (relatively) sure it was NOT a caddis or mayfly. Location: near Houston, TX. Any ideas?
  2. Just got back from a short run to the Texas Highland Lakes area (Granite Shoals, TX). Flies arrived at home while I was there, so a friend forwarded them to me. I spent three mornings testing various patterns. Can honestly say this was a KILLER bunch of flies! Thanks, BB, for hosting, and thanks to all the other tyers for their superb efforts!
  3. Took a few over the last month with my new Pentax Optio WS80. Here are a couple:
  4. I've been using a DanVise for over a year now, and, while I've heard of people having problems (breaking jaws and such), I've not had a single problem with mine. I recently added the jaw extension to mine; makes streamers and such easier, but it's harder for me to line up the shank to get "true" rotation.
  5. I thought it was a Chemically Sharpened Kayle. Oops!
  6. riffleriversteadheadslayer (whew!), that's a buggy-looking critter! I'm looking forward to trying it on my local 'gills! Didn't think of posting a pic of the Red Tag I tied (they're already on the way, BB!).
  7. Wish I'd known you'd be selling 'em. Just walked up to a table outside Wally World and told the girl I wanted a case of Thin Mints. You should've seen the faces! :hyst: Primary food source? Yep. I almost always have a box in the freezer. They're MUCH better cold!
  8. As I usually wrap body materials toward me over the vise, I wrap the thread away from me. This, IMHO, helps keep the material tied down and makes the fly last longer.
  9. I'm in with a Red Tag. Produced very well for me last October at Lake LBJ (Granite Shoals, TX). 2:58pm - Well, mine are finished. Where do I send 'em?
  10. I use head cement to hold the eyes in place. Then, once that dries, I coat the head with Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength. Works.
  11. The one fly with which I've had most success is the Red Tag. Just like the brown hackle peacock, but you add a tail made of red bucktail (cut the tail short - about half the length of the hook gap, hanging out behind the bend). I was killin' the 8-10 inch 'gills with it last October!
  12. Small (size 8 or 10) hard foam popper. I've caught everything from a 2 1/2 inch bluegill to a 4 1/4 lb LMB on 'em. Of course, the bass destroyed it, but... Oh, well.
  13. Considering that I'm just outside Houston, TX, and most of our rivers anywhere NEAR here are usually 30ft deep and running fast enough to take you into the Gulf in minutes, I stick mainly to stillwater. Love throwing a Red Tag to the monster bream (that's bluegills and the like, for those of you who are geographically/linguistically challenged). :hyst: I also love throwing the dries for gills, but occasionally sink to a popper/dropper combo. More often than not, the bass will go for the popper, and the gills for the dropper; so I cover all my bases.
  14. WM, my Danvise will hold anything - and I mean ANYthing! - that I'll ever tie! I can put the tube of my bobbin in there and it clamps down quite nicely. It will also, w/o mods, hold size 14 hooks. As I can't SEE anything smaller than that well enough to tie, I don't worry about whether it will hold smaller ones. :bugeyes:
  15. Mine likes to supervise from the back of my chair.
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