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  1. Couple more recent ties. I'm having a devil of a time getting my camera focus on point. I really need to just bite the bullet and get a dslr and ditch the point and shoot I'm using. Midge sz. 20 March Brown Spider sz. 14 Cheers!
  2. Caught this little 'bow the other day while fishing the Chattooga up in North GA:
  3. Hell if thats you from a Hiatus I'd take another break! Great flies. Fancy signing up to the April 2012 swap club??? Simon, Like the caddis. Thats the second fly I've seen on here with the organza body. It produces a good effect. I'll keep my eyes open for some when wifes next in craft store. Thanks, I always get really gung ho when I come back to a hobby. Here's a few more from tonight: I've dubbed this one the Golden Delicious (I hope that's not the name of another fly) sz. 20 midge larva sz. 22 CDC BWO More micro flies Copper John soft hackle
  4. Hey guys, getting back into tying after a long hiatus. Here's a few I've tied in the last couple of weeks: Royal Wulff variant Royal Coachman wet Tenkara style Soft hackle Carson variant Stimulator Buzzer Hot Spot Copper John Hope you enjoy.
  5. Both for me. I tie mostly stream flies for trout, but mostly only get to fish stillwater for bluegill. Gills could care less if it's a trout fly, they pound the things, so I just practice and test my flies for my occasional trips to trout country.
  6. Congrats man! Great feeling isn't it? Definitely save that fly and hang it on the wall.
  7. Silicone....I thought they switched to saline.
  8. This is me: didn't catch that one on the fly, but was the first pic I could find. Taylor: I live about 30 min away from south of the border and have vowed never to go there I can't support an establishment with such shameless advertising.
  9. Thought I'd have a little fun and see how big a fly I could tie. It ain't the prettiest, but it's a challenge to tie while holding the hook. Would've been fine if I had a bench vise. I rummaged through my stuff and found a 12/0 mustad shark hook that would work. There's a nuclear power plant near my house with a lake right next to it. I hear there are some 100+ lb bream in there. This thing should do the trick. Luckily I just got my new custom 50wt rod to throw it. It uses steel cable for fly line :hyst: But seriously I think it will look cool hanging from my rearview mirror. Enjoy.
  10. Sorry man, like dafunk said, it's all downhill from here. The only treatment I found is to marry an economist. I'm still regretting letting her be in charge of the bank account though :wallbash: I have to get approval for all purchases. I've gotten pretty good at convincing her why I can't live without things like pre-cut strips of scud back and a 520 color of assortment of dubbing. Oh well at least we have food on the table.
  11. Great idea. I've also stopped using scissors to trim the thread and have switched to a razor blade, but this would save a bunch of time fumbling around for the blade on my cluttered bench.
  12. Great looking fly. Gotta love SH's. Love the photo as well.
  13. Nick, I have the fly held in a wire loop inside a cylinder made from an opaque white plastic material. I got the material from a gallon sized jug of washer fluid for the car and just cut out the middle of the jug. I place a light overhead to create soft lighting around the whole fly while removing shadows. I then have reflectors that I use to focus direct lighting on the front and in the rear of the fly as needed for effect. I like just a little backlighting to show off the translucency of the materials. I place a large piece of black matte board about 6 ft behind the setup for a backdrop, mount the camera on a tripod as close to the fly as possible and shoot away. No flash just ambient light so I can control the amount. I use the manual settings for proper exposure and have it on macro mode. Here's a picture of my setup. I have a grey blanket in the background in the pic, but really find plain black easier to work with. Thanks for all the compliments. cheers
  14. Wow I would never be lucky enough to leave a Cabelas with more money than when I went in
  15. Is it a similar material to the soft plastic baits used on lead head jigs or is it more durable? Great tie by the way. Cheers
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