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  1. Can anyone spot me some information and or maps (visual or verbal) of the Elk River around the underground/spring section of it. Also information on the water section regs, like FFO, C&R, or general trout waters? I've attempted to contact the fly shop at Elk Springs Resort, but I have not been able to speak with a guide or someone extremely knowledgeable of the waters. If anyone has fished this section I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

  2. There are already some fish in. Supposedly browns and steelies are in too. The water is around 70 degrees still, so idk what the steelies are thinking, but I guess there is enough food.


    Interesting B) , maybe a foray to one of my spots is in order. Wonder how high the water is too, in spring it was insane, flip flops, softballs, toy cars all floating downriver. actually might go look at one of the 'other' lakes tribs.


    They canceled the water release for Labor Day Weekend, but, the water is going to be running around 335 cps coming up. They are really holding back for this fall to string out the run.

  3. Newp, but it looks interesting as the information is about lake ontario and the rivers that become a zoo. Are they here yet? I rekon we need more rain.



    There are already some fish in. Supposedly browns and steelies are in too. The water is around 70 degrees still, so idk what the steelies are thinking, but I guess there is enough food.

  4. I joined as I am getting interested in actually tying and FISHING some salmon flies....no matter what I try to do on the site I get this message:

    "lykos33, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:


    Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?

    If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation."


    Uhhh hellooooooo I received an email saying it was activated...think I'll stick with our resident salmon experts here on FTF



    My father had the same problem. :/ It seems to be a new thing. I don't know if they are just overloaded or what. Who knows.

  5. I have been longing to fish some Heritage Fly Fishing waters for a while now in my area. The Falling Springs, Yellow Breeches, and Letrot, and Big Spring Creeks all have the Heritage regulations under certain sections, and that is where most of the wild fish, and most impressive fishing, yet challenging situations are. The regulations state catch and release, and barbless hooks only. I was just curious as to how the best way to get rid of barbs on small dry fly and small-medium nymph hooks. Would it be best to file on the smaller hooks, or use barb crushers?


    Any help would be much obliged.


  6. Interesting. <_< I have tried something similar to this before. It's a great idea. If sacs work well for bait casters, then why not tie a fly that looks like a legit egg sac? Just make sure you watch that hook size. I cant tell what size you're using, but with all the yarn that is stacked and whatnot on the hook may reduce hook sets. Like I said, I have still to fully experiment. I have a few months...


    Try er' out! :thumbsup:


    Tight Lines!

  7. hope you have a good time. I was at Walnut Creek two days ago- there were so many morons dunking golfball size globs of powerbait that any hope of fly fishing was nonexistent. At least back in the salmon boom days, everyone used artificials. I was REALLY looking forward to FFing for steelhead, but not if it's going to be like that.


    Yeah, I agree, I hate the crowds. We are looking to go up to Erie in the dead of winter. I know the fish dont reach a size like Ontario steel, but the numbers are whats worth it. Hopefully it wont be as you depicted. haha.

  8. I fish the Salmon river a lot. When it comes to Salmon, throw anything at em'. Estaz patterns, glo-bugs, and anything that will tick a salmon off will work. After a few long hard years of fishing, I've realized it doesn't really matter for salmon. Now Chromers and Browns are a different story. Leeches, Big Juicy Nymphs, small egg patterns, Large Caddis dries, and deer hair mouse patterns from February- May work really well. Are you familiar with SalmonCrazy? It's a great online forum dedicated to salmon and steelhead fishermen from the southern coastal tribs of Ontario. A majority fish the Salmon River, so you get good, accurate details. Also people keep reports posted. The reports are much better than the ones posted by the DSR. On SalmonCrazy, theres forums set up for fly fishing, patterns, and fishing techniques, plus more. Look me up on there, SalmoTrutta415. Good luck in you endeavors on the Salmon River!


    Tight Lines, Screamin' Reels!

  9. Here are some of my hottest flies. Knock yourself out!


    The first picture is the Devil's Hitman.



    Hook: Size 6 Partridge Salmon Hook

    Tail: Black Turkey Biots

    Abdomen: Purple rabbit dubbing w/ single strand of red flash up the back

    Thorax: Purple Estaz

    Legs: Purple Wet Hackle

    Bead: 1/4'' Hot Orange

    Antennae: Black Turkey Biots


    The next is the Encased egg.



    Hook: Size 6 Partridge Salmon Hook

    Tail: Red plastic or glass bead

    Body: White zonked rabbit

    Head: White thread


    The third is a nymph assortment. You can get those soft bodies online or in the store from Cabela's.



    Top Right- Estaz Nymph


    Hook: Size 6 mustad curved Nymph

    Tail: Black Turkey Biots

    Abdomen: Bottom layer- chartreuse thread. Top- Black hairless rabbit hide.

    Thorax: Chartreuse Estaz

    Wing Case: Soft Jelly Body


    Top Left: The Trench Dredger

    Hook: Size 6 Partridge Salmon

    Tail: Black Turkey Biots

    Abdomen: 3 black beads

    Thorax: Black rabbit dubbing

    Wing case: Soft Jelly Body







    Last but not least, my personal favorite.....The Egg Sucking Flash-a-Leech.

    Hook: Size 4 Mustad Heavy Streamer

    Tail: Purple Marabou w/ blue flash

    Hackle: Purple Wet

    Body: Purple Chenille, Flash tinsel

    Bead: 1/4" Salmon Pink



    Hope you give em' a test run sometime! Good Luck!



    Tight Lines, Sreamin' Reels!





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