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  1. Here are some of my hottest flies. Knock yourself out! The first picture is the Devil's Hitman. Hook: Size 6 Partridge Salmon Hook Tail: Black Turkey Biots Abdomen: Purple rabbit dubbing w/ single strand of red flash up the back Thorax: Purple Estaz Legs: Purple Wet Hackle Bead: 1/4'' Hot Orange Antennae: Black Turkey Biots The next is the Encased egg. Hook: Size 6 Partridge Salmon Hook Tail: Red plastic or glass bead Body: White zonked rabbit Head: White thread The third is a nymph assortment. You can get those soft bodies online or in the store from Cabela's. Top Right- Estaz Nymph Hook: Size 6 mustad curved Nymph Tail: Black Turkey Biots Abdomen: Bottom layer- chartreuse thread. Top- Black hairless rabbit hide. Thorax: Chartreuse Estaz Wing Case: Soft Jelly Body Top Left: The Trench Dredger Hook: Size 6 Partridge Salmon Tail: Black Turkey Biots Abdomen: 3 black beads Thorax: Black rabbit dubbing Wing case: Soft Jelly Body Last but not least, my personal favorite.....The Slumpbuster. (Hence the name, its my go to fly) Hook: Size 4 Mustad Heavy Streamer Tail: Purple Marabou w/ blue flash Hackle: Purple Wet Body: Purple Chenille, Flash tinsel Bead: 1/4" Salmon Pink Hope you give em' a test run sometime! Good Luck! Tight Lines, Sreamin' Reels!
  2. When the picture buffered fully, my heart skipped a beat. Great Tie! Tie some extras! If the fishing is good, those things will go like nickel candy.
  3. I like that name... and that fly as a matter of fact. I think I have room in my box. I'm getting ready for a trip next week for salmon, steelies, and browns. You can never have too many good flies, right? Tight lines, Screamin' Reels!
  4. And that is probably my favorite fly for steelies. Purple bunny strip leech with a pink bead head...deadly.
  5. Just seeing if I could shake the dust off of the biots and nymph hooks. Heavy nets!
  6. Thanks guys, I appreciate it! :lol2:
  7. Great Mike, they look great! I'd say your getting purtty close to being ready. But, you can never have too many flies I say.
  8. Had some fun with this one. Thought the name would go good with the deck of cards. This is my newly improved pattern, less dense hackle and less crowding on the eye. Enjoy! Tight Lines!
  9. Just thought I'd see how everyone's fly boxes were fairing this year. Remember, won't be long now friends... Tight Lines! Here's my collection of steely magnets, I stow them in this larger box then make up a smaller one up the night before or the morning of the outing. Enjoy.
  10. Welcome! You'll be pleased with the endless amount of resources and help from the forum. With a friendly community of fly fisherman and fly tiers alike, you will be respected and helped. Again, Welcome. Tight Lines.
  11. Looks great, kid! Keep the flies comin'! :thumbsup:
  12. This is a great looking pattern. Killer fly you got there..... :gunsmilie: hit em' hard! Tight Lines, Screaming Reels.
  13. Throughout my summer vacation off of school, I spend maybe 5 on and off the vice per day. I tie a lot, I usually practice a pattern until I'm comfortable tying it, and then I tie all the patterns I need. So I tie maybe 30-35 hours a week. It's a true hobby and love of mine. Tight Lines!
  14. Welcome Hansen, You'll find that this forum has thousands of people willing to help you out. It is on a international scale, so you may find people from practically every continent excluding Antarctica. WElcome to the forum that has priceless knowledge and help. Again, Welcome.
  15. Another great tie, John. Again, I really like those colors. Those biots for legs really add to the body and makes it look appetizing. Great tie. Tight Lines.
  16. Great Fly! Beautiful color choice. Keep it up! :thumbsup:
  17. Thanks for the help and insight guys, it helps alot!
  18. Took a pattern I tied that was inspired by this pattern and hauled a few chunky browns out of the lake. Definitely proved its effectiveness I must say. Actually made my best day of fishing in a while. Maybe it was the rain, but I'm convinced it was this ingenious pattern! Thanks, Tight Lines
  19. Haha. yupp. I love the way you name your flies... :headbang: Anyways, I finished tying a few of these, so in a couple of months we should find out if I know how to fish them. Great pattern. Tight Lines, mate!
  20. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by tbhflytyer415: Rot Tailed Purpur Hackle Wet
  21. I've been tying these hairwings and wet flies for steelhead and salmon like crazy lately. I've become surprisingly a lot better at it now. (Of course with some room to get far better...) Goes to show what practice and persistence does for you... Enjoy! Tight Lines.
  22. Order Up! By request... Enjoy. I over did the head on the one, I got a little carried away and got to a point where I couldn't save him...
  23. these look good. ironic name... great tie tight lines!
  24. the fountain at Harrisburg Mall is stocked with 20" rainbows.... Ah yes...those fishes... :shifty:
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