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  1. Here in Northern BC back in the 1970's we NEVER saw crows up here, yet today there are an overabundance of them. I sometimes think more persons would lower their numbers due to their being a vector for West Nile virus. That being said, we have a liberal season for ravens and an abundance of them. The only caveat is that they must only be shot on private land. Great biots for Stone flies too.
  2. Got wire of all colors and have found sometimes it is size that matters too...so I have tied a dozen each of reds from sizes 10 12 16 18 to 20 originals ditto chartreuse ditto blue from 12 to 20 brass/gold ditto orange ditto green ditto ... yessir long winters will do that~
  3. I tend to use Danville threads however I bought a varied supply and for some kinds of tying I switch to Benecchi. Some colors that were not available in these I bought UNI which seemed to have the best selection.
  4. I rather doubt Liquid Lace today is the same thing as you used back then. For one, there are more sizes and colors to choose from. I have used Larva Lace too, and for some things I still do. However with the mineral oil I use I can also add colors of my choice to the oil as well as choose between a lot of different sizes and colors of the product. I normally use holographic tinsel as well as color markers on the hook shank for great effects to simulate what I am trying to tie. Having the ability to so rapidly spin a tapered body on the Nor-Vise is a good thing as well. just a user, no self interest at all...
  5. I bought a good supply of Liquid Lace and found its use fairly straightforward. It did help me a lot to have the owner of the Liquid Lace product line show me the ropes. His name is Ed Smith and there is a fair amount of support on his web site at www.liquidlace.com Have a look at the gallery of photos of flies he as well as others have tied there. I fill my Liquid Lace as described above and tie a small overhand knot tightly at each end. No mess or fuss. If I am tying a lot of flies with it i use a hemostat to keep the open end closed while the other end stays tied shut. Hope this is of some help.
  6. A friend who is a pro tyer recently told me he has been going away from TMC and is buying another brand I never heard of for its quality and low cost now. Sorry but he did not tell me the name of the newer hooks.
  7. For nearly 50 years i used an old fly tying vise that has no brand name or stamp, serial number or etc on it anywhere. Did the job however as I was not into tying a whole lot at a given time. Heavy beast made of brass and iron. After meeting Ed and Betty Smith in July this year, while at Sheridan lake, I decided to spring for the Nor Vise and am glad that I did as it suits my style and inventiveness. I find myself fascinated too with Ed's Liquid Lace products, and with this vise it is so fast and easy to do them it is more surprising I did not get one a long time back...
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