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  1. Merry Christmas to everyone, i hope you have a good one.
  2. Welcome fellow scotsman, i think you will enjoy this forum!
  3. I use buggers a lot on the local river and catch a few brownies..
  4. birdman6


    Hello, i live in the scottish borders just outside kelso in a little village called Kirk Yetholm. I fish the tweed for trout and grayling.
  5. Thanks, I'll order some 2312 hooks. They should be a bit better as they are a lighter wire hooks. john
  6. I have been tying some chernobyl's on tmc 200 hooks and i'm not happy with them.I was thinking about trying tmc 2312, or can anyone suggest a better hook? thank you john.
  7. I have just tied some articulated woolly buggers, not gave them a swim yet. I dressed the hook with the body and the tail on a piece of twisted stainless wire with a couple of glass beads between then. will try to get some pics up later. ps. i hope the big browns like them. :thumbup:
  8. Very nice, the browns will love it!!
  9. Very nice!!!! I bet those nymphs can swim..... :thumbsup:
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