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  1. I just bought some thread and see that Danville makes a Depth Ray line in 1 or 4 strand in flat waxed 210 thread. What is different about the Depth Ray line? Thier website does not even list it. Thanks!!
  2. I am going to be tying up some krill flies for salmon in Alaska. I am going to tie then on a 1/0 short shank hook and am wondering what size i should use. Any thoughts?
  3. i think a Musky on a flie would be insane! Those along with big snot rockets (northern pike) can really peel line!
  4. Thanks to those who replied and thanks for the link on thread. I have learned much from it!
  5. Danville Flat Waxed Nylon 210 denier and Flymaster Plus 210 denier? Both are waxed and the Danville website does not say much about it.
  6. Kings and silvers. Some in the salt and some in river.
  7. Great vise but that bad boy will break the bank LOL
  8. I need a vise that will hold up a 7/0 hook. I am tying flies for Alaska that are not fancy. What vise would you recommend that wont break the bank. Thanks for your replies
  9. I have a question. What is the material at the head of the fly? Is that hackle of some sort?
  10. I am looking for a vice that will hold up to a size 7/0 hook. I tie almost all buck tail teaser hooks for my salwater jigs. I had a 20.00 vise that lasted for years but its almost wore out. I don't want to spend a lot of money on it. What would you suggest? I don't mind buying used at all. Thanks for your help
  11. I was planning on tying up some salmon flies this weekend but my cement is no where to be found. I dont have any place within 50 miles that sells head cement so i was wondering how nail polish like "hard as nails" would work. Any thoughts?
  12. That is exactly how i rig my hooks. Just like a king rig however i will not be using any eggs with them. a small strip of herring on the hook maybe. I just did not know if i could tie over the knot. I will be using them in the salt for kings and coho. I will be using an egg loop knot with a trailer hook. Can i tie over the knot on the first hook in my rig and leave the trailer hook plain?
  13. I want to tie some flies for fishing the salt for Coho in Alaska this summer. I use a double hook rig. I tie the hooks with an egg knot and then have a stinger at the back of the fly. My question is this. How can i tie a fly on the hook if the shank is covered with line from the knot? any suggestions?
  14. Have any of you seen or used a Bill Ballan vise? I know he makes great reels i saw he has vises for sale on flee bay as well.
  15. Well i finaly took the plunge and bought a new vise. I just tied a some flies on my new Apex Anvil and i must say i am in love with it. It grips hooks so well you could bend even a heavy hook in half. This vise is built like a tank to say the least. Its a beast that will allow you to tie even the smallest of flies with finesse. The rotary function is great and though i dont use it like a rotary vise its great to be able to rotate to check your fly or add a dab of glue. The cam is very forgiving for hook size. It does not require a lot of tweeking between different hook sizes. It came with a base that is sturdy and solid as well as a C clamp. I can tell i just bought a vise my kids wont wear out after i am gone. I got it for 70.00 from flyfishing dicounters on line. they were outstanding to work with!! I also found a place to buy my supplies online. the prices are great and service was world class. Overall i would rate it a solid 9.5 I could not be more pleased. Its also made in the USA!
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