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  1. I joined FTF in 2005 and I was always on the board almost daily. I have been away for some time now but I am getting cranked up again. The problem I am having is I am logged on but when I go to classic salmon board I it kicks me out and then I am unable to login. I have a question about golden crest to ask but I am unable to get to the classic salmon board. Please HELP Thanks
  2. You are right we need a bigger boat when are you buying one? Bud did you develop the pictures of our fishing trip yet? I would love to so everyone your fish that could not fit on the scales. Skinnyer
  3. Roy There are two catagories of red fish rat red being under 27 inches long and bull red being over 27 inches long. Jean Thibodaux
  4. Hello Everyone: I know I have been distance lately but work has me tied up. I have tied a few flies in the past few weeks, I will send them to Bud to post on the board. I just wanted to let ya'll know the the great almighty fisherman Bud Guidry was out fished buy no other than me. Love you Bud HEHE. Just a quick briefing of events. I fished the international tarpon rodeo this past weekend my wife wanted to come to the gulf to catch bull red fish with me but as soon as we reached the hot spot see turned green and blue and orange etc. I was on site for no longer than 20 min. and had landed 3 bull redfish weighing around 19 to 20 pounds when I had to leave to go and bring my lovely but sick wife home but I was determined to catch bigger fish. So after a 20 min. boat ride and then a 30 min. truck ride to bring her home I called Bud and asked if he would like to come back to a hot spot I new to land some bigger fish. He said of course 50 min later we were back on site. By the time Bud could bait his line I had a 25 pound bull red pulling line I was able to land the beast to discover that I had no place to put the 4 foot long monster so Bud suggested we take it back to the boat dock and get it weighed before it loses wait. I agreed and put my anchor man back to work telling Bud to hoist the anckor. He was unaware that this was one of the reasons I asked him to come along. Like I said earlier I love Bud. We then made the disicion that that was enough pounding buy the gulf for one day and dicided we will atemp the excursion the next day. I woke to about a 15 knot wind the next morning and dicided to call Bud to head for the gulf one more time (what a bad mistake) we reached the gulf to discover 4 to 5 foot seas after reaching the spot and set the anchor to relize the fisher were smarter than us and must have seeked shallower waters. We atempeted for about 1 hour and after the nose of the boat going under water several time we relized that a fish is not worth it. We fished the marsh for the rest of the morning catching a 2 pound flounder and a few rat red fish nothing to put us on the board for the rodeo. The finial board I placed 4th for bull redfish and 5th for rat redfish. Just wanted to share Bud and I last adventure on the bayou. Thanks for the help anchor boy Bud Guidry Your cajun friend Jean Thibodaux
  5. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Jean Thibodaux: Sunshine in Heaven
  6. I am trying to figure out why the picture is not loading up. Sorry Jean Thibodaux
  7. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Jean Thibodaux: Sunshine in Heaven
  8. I agree with Bud. That would work awsome here in Louisiana. Bud and I can use it this weekend Jean Thibodaux
  9. Very nice fly Micke, let me know if you need someone to try it out for you HAHA! Jean Thibodaux
  10. Nice Looking fly!! have not tried trying that one myself. Jean Thibodaux
  11. Nice fly, like the body work Jean Thibodaux
  12. Wow!!! nice looking fly, I am trying one with a bead right now. Keep them coming. Jean Thibodaux
  13. Hello Guys: I know I have not been around lately and have not posted but like they say I am back. I tyed this fly the other night. This is the first fly I have tyed in 9 months so please be gental on the createcing. LOL. It feels great to be tying again. I just started a side job charter fishing for a lodge here in La. I LOVE IT. See Ya'll Later Jean Thibodaux Swamp Man
  14. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Jean Thibodaux: Rainbow
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