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  1. Kirk those are fantastic looking - just the sort of bugs I like! Here's a couple I tied this past fall along the same lines, but not nearly as nice! I use fabric paint for the eyes - it makes for a nice three dimensional eye. Tight lines, Alec Classic Cork
  2. Thanks again Fellows - yes ifly, I am a duck hunter. You can buy the pintail, though the teal probably not. Mr. Vegas the hook is a Mustad 34007. Tight lines to you all! Alec
  3. Thanks Tidewaterfly - It's about 5 inches. I want a heavy hook to get it down where the big boys are!
  4. Just flip the hook. It's a real simple fly. Here's a bunch I tied for a fellow that likes to fish classic patterns. Alec
  5. Greetings from Cape Cod... Here's my new Herring pattern from this past winter. It has produced this spring for me - not hard to tie, great movement in the water and non-fouling. Tight lines! Alec hook: 3/0 stainless tail: gray saddle hackles flanked by pintail body: silver mylar wing: silver fox tail (under-fur left in for bulk) throat: silver fox tail (ibid.) cheek/eyes: teal breast feather head: black
  6. That is a truly magnificent fly. The throat, the body, the wing! Just beautiful. Thanks alot for posting that one Mike. Alec
  7. Hey Folks - I ordered both DVD's from FishUSA - excellent and quick shipping. The content is SUPERB, as would be expected of Don! Alec
  8. I buy streamer necks from Alvin Theriault and have been very pleased. Excellent quality, colors and price. Alec Theriault Flies Addenda: With his catalogue at hand, here is the "scoop" from AT: FYI Alvin raises his own birds. Alec
  9. On the contrary, catskilljohn. Though not without occasional error, MOM and Bergman are a couple sources where our heritage has been preserved; both books are replete with discussions of flies origins. I believe our rich heritage is already comfortably safe, secure and in no danger. Indeed, if anything, it has been made safer by the dedicated tiers here and elswhere hovering over their vises, MOM, Bergman, Leonard and others, at hand. Additionally, citing the source can lead to wonderful discoveries. See this past post for example: The Dandy - Black Duke Alec
  10. One of my favorites - Nice fly Bob! Alec
  11. You got it Dave - but it was not intentional! I forgot that the fly called for a white head, so I switched when I tied in the wing. Good idea though! Alec.
  12. Steve the recipies for just about all the Marbury flies can be found in J. Edson Leonards book FLIES. There are no pictures, but if you use Favorite Flies and Flies in tandem, you should have what you need to tie 'em. Mike I really look forward to a book by you and Lee! Alec
  13. Thanks guys. Mark that's a Mustad 79580 sz. 4. I really like the flat wing patterns. I'm gonna tie more this weekend and will post 'em. Cheers, Alec
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