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  1. Kirk those are fantastic looking - just the sort of bugs I like! Here's a couple I tied this past fall along the same lines, but not nearly as nice! I use fabric paint for the eyes - it makes for a nice three dimensional eye. Tight lines, Alec Classic Cork
  2. Thanks again Fellows - yes ifly, I am a duck hunter. You can buy the pintail, though the teal probably not. Mr. Vegas the hook is a Mustad 34007. Tight lines to you all! Alec
  3. Thanks Tidewaterfly - It's about 5 inches. I want a heavy hook to get it down where the big boys are!
  4. Just flip the hook. It's a real simple fly. Here's a bunch I tied for a fellow that likes to fish classic patterns. Alec
  5. Greetings from Cape Cod... Here's my new Herring pattern from this past winter. It has produced this spring for me - not hard to tie, great movement in the water and non-fouling. Tight lines! Alec hook: 3/0 stainless tail: gray saddle hackles flanked by pintail body: silver mylar wing: silver fox tail (under-fur left in for bulk) throat: silver fox tail (ibid.) cheek/eyes: teal breast feather head: black
  6. Thank you and God Bless those brave men and women!! Alec
  7. Here's nice big picture of the C&F 9000 vise. Yikes she's a beauty, but close to 800 bucks... :crying: Anyhow, i thought you might like to see it. Cheers, Alec
  8. Got a response! Thanks and please disregard... cheers, Alec
  9. I just bought a Thompson Wing Former - I've wanted one for some time. I am lacking the instruction sheets and would appreciate if someone can scan theirs for me - I'll swap flies, materials or sumpin'. Thanks and tight lines! Alec
  10. Thanks Fellas. Yes indeed - I am going to switch to a wider gaped ring-eyed hook. Better hook ups and the forward fly will ride better. I like how the predator swings easily on the wire loop. I'm gonna call this the "Predator and Prey Series" This is not my idea! I saw an old fly rod lure that had the same idea. I believe the fish was a plastic lure though. Tight lines! Alec
  11. Here's my first version of a Wee Bass. Note how this little fellow is chasing a bug! Plenty of room for improvement here, but this is just the first go around. I intend to do a whole series of these 2-part flies. Tight lines to all you brothers of the angle! Alec Wee Bass
  12. I am interested in hearing from any Christian flyfishers that are interested in joining an online Christian flyfishers Fellowship and forum. Drop me an e-mail at [email protected] Thanks! Alec
  13. Here's one I tied a few years back - Fly Tyer Magazine had a fly in this style fashioned after a humingbird - I oughta go pickerel fishing with it! Cheers, Alec
  14. I started off on a Thompson A and never really had any problems with it. When I saw the Universal 2 rotary I was thrilled and bought that - it was an excellent vise and I really appreciated the rotary function. Eventually the jaws developed an irritating wobble. (I sold the vise and almost immediately regretted it... just this week I found one on ebay so I look forward to "having it back"). After the Universal 2 I saw the HMH line at LL beans and really longed for one. I couldn't justify the price of the standard but I was willing to part with 79 bucks for the Spartan. I tied on the Spartan alot and it never, ever developed any problems. The only complaint I have is that it's not really proper for bass and saltwater - the pedestal is not heavy enough and the jaws struggle with the big stainless hooks. (It is an API era model and they did not offer magnum jaws). When the Nor-vise came out I was tying alot of trout flies commercially, especially streamers, and bought one right off and used it for making bodies. It was so fast it was frightening. Eventually it slowed down considerably (wouldn't spin as fast) and also the jaw tightening became a bothersome chore. In the end, I just didn't enjoy tying on it. I longed for a Regal but wanted the true rotary function... the Renzetti never appealed to me and I found it to be overpriced. Two years ago I bought a Griffin Mongoose and a Regal Inex. I love them both. 90 percent of my flies are tied on the Mongoose, and I use the Regal for spinning deer hair (c-clamp only). The only vise I long for now is a Herters 11R rotary vise. If anyone has one to sell please contact me! Cheers, Alec
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