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  1. A cheap solution may be to use an old TV cabinet. People are throwing these out or selling them cheap as everyone has flat panels now. I made this one for under $100 - just added a better slider to get the bench out more, a few shelves, some wood, and a light. Most even come with power outlets hidden in the back. Best part of it is that you shut the door and its all hidden away.
  2. J Stockard has a sale going on... Peak Rotary was $143 now with $20 off (I believe).....$123 is an incredible deal!
  3. I try and try but just keep buying and packing more and more stuff....so the Fishpond Coyote was the bag for me. Plenty of room and as durable as it gets. The amount of stuff you can put in there is amazing. I travel for a living and it takes a fair beating, so it was worth every penny....otherwise a large tackle box etc may fit the bill for most light travel use.
  4. I second the cabelas breathable waders - for the price these things are rock solid. Eventually I lost a plastic snap on one of the shoulders but just knotted it together and its still fine. Im pretty hard on waders and these have done 3-4 seasons without a leak or tear. They are lightweight, basic, and affordable.
  5. having closely compared the Peak and the Renzetti....I would certainly say the Peak is a better made vise. While its a personal choice and both will suit most people fine...look and play with both and decide! To me the Renzetti seemed cheaper - plastic, aluminum, and rubber (like the previous poster said) The Renzetti may take center stage at cabelas, but that does not make it the best thing out there!
  6. Im in CT also and JStockard usually takes 3 business days, either USPS or UPS. Great bunch of people and a pain free website. Refreshing to get fair prices, great customer service, and not get screwed on shipping.
  7. I thought a vise just held a hook tight and let you tie some flies to catch fish? If that vise makes you feel spoiled, well researched, has helped you in grieving your father, and has brought you back to tying as a great pleasure - wonderful. Just leave it at that and everyone would be happy for you. At the end of the day, to 99.00% of us, its just a tool holding a hook to tie a fly.
  8. They have always gotten back to me very fast and have about the best customer service you can ask for. I also wonder why you would ask that here, not there!???? I'm sure they will straighten it out..
  9. I have a docking station at bench and also like podcasts etc...lets me catch up on fishing stuff without distraction...other than that some relaxing music is good also...prefer the Dead, Marley, etc.
  10. I just got my first JStockard hooks in the mail today.....they look nice!
  11. recently made a tyiing bench out of an old TV cabinet. Added a light, a tool area, and some shelving. Cost about $75. of course it will never look that clean again, but the wife likes that it closes up to this in a flash...
  12. I think a kit is a great idea....its a good way to try out the hobby at a disposable price. You may decide its not for you....not out much. I bought a kit and loved it, shortly after bought some good tools etc. I did, however, wind up using a good portion of the kit anyhow. Yes, you could run to 5 different craft stores and find better quality stuff online cheaper but the point is a quick simple trial of fly tying. IMO - Its a good way to try some flies without a large investment.
  13. I have the Peak Rotary, its a great vise. I personally thought it was better built than the Renzetti. J Stockard often has deals on it, and seem to be running Xmas specials now. Their customer service and shipping times/prices cant be beat. Peak Vise and Slick tool kit is a real solid start IMHO.
  14. and some people simply have the means to buy nice stuff and dont really care if it makes them better or not, they just like nice stuff.....who cares?
  15. Braun coffee grinder, $7-20 on ebay.
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