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  1. Thanks everyone, great info! Had a good time in that magic hour before dark on the stockers in Big Bone a few weeks ago. They couldn't resist the#14 yellow crackle back, it was like Bill Dance or something.
  2. I wore em' out the other day on crackle backs. Yellow floss, peacock herl, brown hackle and, about 5 minutes are all you need. Good luck!
  3. Nothin'? Really? Pretty please, with sugar on top?
  4. Up until this last cold front came through I was still whompin' on em' with Gilly (props to the locals) Minnows, Block head poppers, buggers (partial to black with a hint of crystal flash), hopefully the top water action with pick back up this week as the afternoons warm back up. Mallard flank type minnow patterns similar in appearance to the float and fly minnows the plug chuckers use, clousers, deceivers, Murdich minnows (they suspend well in mild current), and if you are lucky small 1.5" to 2" craws if you are still in the South (darker than in the summer, ours go from dark olive to tan to dark brown before they go back into the mud) might still fly. I use a 6 weight because I only have one rod but, soon will be purchasing a nice Redington 5-weight. Good Luck.
  5. Hello! Don't think I have posted here before, in the cold water forum I mean, raised a little cane in the warm water forum a few times though, heh, heh. Any who I was curious if anyone would be willing to answer a few questions which will be posed shortly and offer any other constructive advice they may have regarding our topic. Not much dough floating around these days so the closer to Louisville and more public the better. I'm aware the Cumberland is still going to be the best bet for weight and numbers despite the damn dam issues but I have never fished it, really I know next to nothing about fly fishing for trout in water bigger than Indian Creek or a small reservoir. 1) What sorts of flies work well or, more accurately will I be able to present correctly, for a guy used to making his presentations to small stream smallies? 2) Is it worth dealing with the Ft. Knox fiasco to fish Otter Creek, is it a fiasco? 3) What do you guys think of East Fork Indian Creek, Herrington Tailwater, Sinking Creek, any others close by I'm leaving out? 4) Any interesting reads maybe? Thanks a lot everybody, much obliged.
  6. Smallies so far, Kentuckyies a close second because its so hard most times to find them. I hear brown trout can be tough. Those river/creek/current swimming fish definitely my favorites.
  7. Yeah, what the others said. Just looking, I can see that you would have some serious issues keeping un-snagged. I think thats copper wire as antennae, is that correct? Are you trying to get it down quick in fast water? If so, try using a longer shanked hook, putting a slight bend in it about 2/7ths (seems to keep it balanced better) back from the hookeye, about 20- 25 degrees should do. Make sure the eye points up, the hookeye should be straightened out as well. Weight that forward part there with lead wire and seal it up. Put it in your vice the normal way (point/bend down) and tie your claws in on top of the shank. The man who taught this to me used buck tail but sometimes I use claws cut from furry foam, remember don't make them too big or you will scare some fish. Turn it over and put back in the vice hook point up. I use 2 strands of mottled brown turkey quill flexamented together as my antennae, tie that in. Tie in a piece of vinyl for ribbing, cut some plastic skin for the shell back and tie in, then some furry foam cut at an angle for ease of tie in (tie in of course), and some mono-dumbbell eyes on top of furry foam. Now if you left enough vinyl you can tie off the thread and finish later with the vinyl, wind the foam forward slightly overlapping the last turn of foam forward to near the eye, pull the plastic back forward, wind the rib forward, and finish. You can even construct a little tail out of the foam/plastic combo to conceal the eye if you like. If you do so, use a Duncan loop or it won't wobble in the current right. If tied correctly cast into the end of a riffle with a good run below and let it drift through, if you set it up correctly it should settle right where you think the fish are lined up. Enjoy, and goodluck! Pics tomorrow.
  8. Check this article out, lots of pertinent information is contained therein.
  9. Oh yeah, those are real nice ! I like those "spinner bait" flies a whole lot.
  10. Those are real nice! In fact they are some nice, I'm putting this thing away right now and driving to the creek! :yahoo:
  11. Ha, ha, ha, ha, you guys are funny. RiffleRiverSteelheadSlayer, you look like you enjoy riding motorcycles, is that true? I love that picture dude, goodtimes. Because you have a cool biker lookin' hair doo I'm going to post a pic of my twin. He has long hair he ties up as well. Here he is with one of the little rainbows they stock in Big Bone Lick. Big Bone Lick State Park has all kinds of interesting things to, being the birthplace of modern archeology and all. They even have a small herd of buffalo roaming the grounds. My favorite thing they have done recently is to create a delayed harvest fishery below the lake; the water below the dam starts getting cool enough to support trout in the fall. I have heard rumors that there are some hold-overs in some of the deeper, spring feed pools outside the park but, since that is all private property and I don't have a boat I haven't explored that.
  12. Certainly not any worse than any of them, or any KY Governor for that matter. He's a good man. For the benefit of those of us who aren't familiar with Kentucky politics, running for office isn't a very good opportunity to make a name for yourself here, you really have to have nothing to loose. In fact, the power elite of the state view serving as an elected official of the Commonwealth more like a punishment than a privilege. My top pick, William Goebel, he was old school.
  13. Don't know him personally, only familiar with his politics and criminal activity :dunno: .......at least he's loyal to his friends, which is more I can say for a lot of politicians.
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