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  1. Due Oct 15. We have 5 signed up. I pushed the date too far out, I realize. Tie one ot two tube flies or intruders for each person in the swap--4 sets. Thanks. If I do another swap it will be 6 weeks out, period.
  2. I still think a materials list would be nice.
  3. I have moved to Oregon, bought a house, sold a house, started a new job. Staying in a temporary apartment. I will be in my new house Sept 3 and will post the address. I have been tying some,but have not posted much. I look forward to the swap.
  4. These are my first attempts at intruder type flies. All tied with FTD parts, for the most part (synthetics). Top fly is a tube fly, followed by a Skykomish Sunrise color and then a Scandi type fly. Crowded the head on.it. working on proportions. The tube posted upside down, not that it matters. These flies have a ton of movement and the shoulders don't collapse.
  5. I use a Regal vise because I like the way it opens and shuts. With other vises I have used, you have to fiddle with the adjustment on the handle to keep the hook from coming loose. When spinning deer hair, especially, I often found the hook was not as tight as I thought. I have also found the base to be heavy enough that I don't need a C-clamp.
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