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  1. i would have to go along with what bruce said . And if your fly is ugly they will work . the biggest fish i caught was on one of my ugliest flies
  2. I would say DO NOT BUY A KIT . i got a kit cheap i havent used anything in it and the tools suck . call james at j stockard there link is at the top right of the web page . he is very nice get you a vise and pick out one pattern to tie and tie a bunch of that and move on from there .
  3. Merry = Drunk .. thats why some say happy
  4. i dont tie small stuff . dont fish for stuff that needs small stuff. i tie bass bugs and saltwater flies and a few for perch
  5. ok it was 15 $ and it was big . i just dont know what i will do with all the little feathers that are one the cape . i dont tie anything smaller than a 10 . it is like an orange grizzly hackle
  6. As far as mats and some tools i buy alot form www.jsflyfishing.com/ ask for james. i buy all my mail order stuff from him . tell him what you are wanting to tie and he will do the rest . i good guy to deal with . spent about 150 there in the last month and about that at gander mnt. do you have a bass pro are cabales close or an orvis . to were you can go look at some stuff
  7. i just got a good deal on a grade #1 keough hackle . i was just wondering what the diffarance is with the grade number ? this is the first hackle i have bought , it has alot of differant size feathers on it and it is alot better feathers you get in strung saddles .
  8. I like your background for your pic . im done with mine to .
  9. fill fish is that what your tying for the swap ? nice fish is that a trout i cant tell what kind of fish it is . it looks big though
  10. do you have a step bt step for that hopper ?
  11. what did the postage cost you ? just wondering ? mine was $1.44 each way plus .40 for each little bag . For a total of $3.68 . Just wondering
  12. "if it ain't chartreuse, it ain't no use" wisdom. what does that mean ??
  13. i think i will make it . i just started using it off the paper it is on instead of cutting me a piece off . it might go the distance
  14. If all goes well ill go out and use one on tuesday if i have enough mats im getting the waring light on the chenille and i cant get it local . id have to order it or drive to houston to get it at FTU (fishing tackle unlimited) long way to drive for one thing . i just made a big online order so i dont know what ill do
  15. i have tied 11 so far and i am almost out of my Metz glo-bright chenille . i dont think ill get it again ill try another brand . the glo comes out too much
  16. after looking at the first post we need to tie 13 flies the way you have it posted with you at the bottom . so either add your self to one of the 12 are let everyone know how many to tie . i am almost done so i need to know
  17. It looks like this . call it what you want it works . i just wish i could have found some cone heads big enough for those size one hooks
  18. the only thing i could call it would be a chart. and fire orange wooly/zonker with some flash
  19. I am in i just dont know what i am going to tie . is that ok ? does the fly have to have a name ? might tie a deciver are a minnow type fly . dont know yet
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