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  1. kyflytyer


    If you have any local fly shops, see if they will let you tie on any vises you are considering before you purchase. There are many excellent vises out there but everyone has their own style of tying and not all vises are suited to your particular style. What may be the perfect vise for me may not work as well for you. After some on-line research and several recommendations, I ordered a $200 vise on the internet a few years ago without having tied on one. It was of great quality and had many outstanding features but, for reasons I'm not exactly sure of, I'm not really comfortable tying on it. After that, I tied on as many vises as I could looking for the one that suits me best. I finally found it in the HMH Spartan ,which my lovely wife bought me last Christmas. Good luck.
  2. Try Jann's Netcraft. Although they primarily deal with materials to make baitcasting type lures, they also have some fly tying materials at fair prices. More importantly to you, though, is that they have zip-lock bags in various sizes which are perfect for fly tyers. http://www.jannsnetcraft.com/polybags-boxes/370101.aspx
  3. In no particular order: 1) Star Wars trilogy (the original three) 2) Kelly's Heroes 3) Crocodile Dundee I & II 4) The Gods Must Be Crazy 5) Romancing the Stone
  4. Quick.....go buy a lottery ticket while your luck is still good. :yahoo:
  5. I was fortunate enough to inherit a roll-top desk several years ago and it makes a perfect tying station. There is plenty of storage in the drawers and lots of cubbyholes also. What I like best, though, is that after a tying session, I can simply close the desk to hide the mess and protect my materials from dust and pets. Now my wife no longer nags me to "clean up that feathery mess." I'm sure a new roll-top wouldn't be cheap so I would suggest visiting yard sales, flea markets, used furniture stores, consignment shops, and craig's list. My wife is an avid yard saler and flea marketer and I am often "persuaded" into going with her. Over the years, I have seen quite a few roll-tops for sale, more than I would have imagined.
  6. One of the best general books on fly tying that I have found is The Art of Fly Tying by John Van Vliet. Although not as well known as some other tying books, I think it is excellent. It is available at J. Stockard: http://www.jsflyfishing.com/cgi-bin/item/B...-Fly-Tying.html
  7. After a stint in the army, I went to college and got a teaching degree. I've never taught a day in my life though. After college, I was a deputy sheriff for 2 years and then went into business as a self-employed remodeling contractor, which is what I do now. My wife did teach but quit about 10 years ago because she wasn't happy. She has been a full-time homemaker ever since but has talked lately about going back to work.
  8. Here is a list of websites that I have collected of all the major vise manufacturers throughout the world. There are vises from the US, Britain, Australia, South Africa, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Japan. As such, some of the vises may not be available here. Abel http://www.abelreels.com/pages/vises.htm Anvil http://www.anvilusa.com/fly.htm C&F http://www.candfdesign.com/ Dingo http://members.ozemail.com.au/~bjrodg/ Dyna-King http://www.dyna-king.com/ Griffin http://www.griffinenterprisesinc.com/index.htm HMH http://www.hmhvises.com/ JVice http://www.jvice.com/ LAW http://www.danica.com/flytier/LAW/law.htm Lazzeri http://www.lazzeri-flyfishingtackle.com/up...3&father=31 Nor-Vise http://www.nor-vise.com/ Peak http://www.peakfishing.com/ Petitjean http://www.petitjean.ch/eng/MPVise/default.asp Regal http://www.regalvise.com/ Renzetti http://www.renzetti.com/home.php Scottie http://www.scottierods.co.uk/fly-tying-vice.html Snowbee http://www.snowbee.co.uk/fly-fishing/vices...oxes-dressings/ Spearhead http://www.flytyingvise.com Thompson http://www.dhthompson.com/ Tiemco http://www.tiemco.co.jp/english/products/flytying_vt.html Veniard http://www.veniard.com/search_results.asp?section=19 Vosseler http://www.vosselerflyreels.com/tyingvice/index.html 720 http://www.fly-wheel.net/
  9. No one has mentioned Griffin yet, so here goes. They make several vises under the $100 mark, all made in the US. One in particular, the Odyssey Spider Vise, looks like it would suit your needs. I haven't tied on this particular vise, but I have a Griffin Montana Mongoose and the hook holding is second to none. http://anglersworkshop.com/items.aspx?catid=1672
  10. I ran across this site this morning. It goes into some of the health and legal ramifications of harvesting road kill. http://www.uky.edu/~agrdanny/flyfish/petti.htm
  11. 3/0 is larger than 6/0 which is larger than 8/0. Use 3/0 for large flies, 6/0 for medium flies, and 8/0 for smaller flies. Thread is also measured by denier. The larger the number, the larger and stronger the thread is. Thus, 200 denier is larger than 70.
  12. Here is a link to some really great deals on some tying books. http://www.edwardrhamilton.com/subject2/fty.html
  13. There are several good Wooly Bugger videos on YouTube. Just type "Wolly Bugger" into the search box and you should get quite a few results. I looked through them about a week ago and several were excellent.
  14. Welcome aboard! It sounds like you can bring lots of experience to the forum.
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