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  1. I use a women's cosmetic bag that i got at wally world for about $20. It has 3 seperate zip up compartments and each compartment has different type pockets or elastic banding to hold equipment! It's made by Modella and is Black with a carrying handle! Would be better if it had shoulder straps but you could probably make them for it! It will hold small necks (1/2 size) but not sure about full necks! Ken
  2. There is a sharpener made by Smith's Abrasives and sold by Wal-Mart that works well on full size scissors. It works on both right and left handed versions and cost about 6 bucks. It will also sharpen knives.Although i haven't tried them on smaller scissor pairs, it worked real well on my wife's full size craft scissors!At that price they might be worth a try! Ken Reitz
  3. Thanks to all for the info on spent wing length. I have another question about spent wing tying in smaller sizes. How much bulk should i be using for say 16-22 sizes? I figure on using the full strand thickness for 10-14 sizes? How much for 16 and smaller sizes? 1/2 thickness? or less?Any help is appreciated! Thanks! Ken
  4. I know that the tail is equal to the shank length and upright wings are 1 1/2-2 times the hook gap,but what about spent wings? Should they also be 1 1/2-2 times the gap or is there some other proportion for them?Thanks! Ken
  5. Has anyone else had a problem with downloading the last two video tutorials. when trying to play the grey drake and alder videos, the file capture screen say it's the wooly worm small description and file size. just curious? Ken
  6. jefferson county,pa here. home county of the famous ( in famous ) Punxsy Phil . I mainly fish Redbank Creek and it's North Fork fly fishing area.
  7. Hi forum, i'm new to the forum and flytying in general. My question concerns blue dun hackle on fly patterns. what color is blue dun, is it blue tinted or what color is it close to. Eric Leiser's book says it's a misnomer. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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