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  1. like waving a fan, a balloon burst will move air. Moving air impacts the streamer and the streamer moves. Sound is different. This si an abrupt pulse, of short duration. Again the air moves, the streamer is impacted and moves, but only a short jerk with less energy. The energy impact is the integral under curve of energy vs time. The gust of wind is lower energy, but it persists longer giving more motion. The burst of wind is sharp, with more energy quickly, but it is short duration and he energy under curve is less. The energy from sound is less still, impacting at 700 mph, it has little duration even though it is very high energy. t5he streamer may shiver, but not move. Now, if the balloon was full of hydrogen and air mixture and you ignite it, when you set it off it is a detonation. The burst occurs at faster than the speed of sound, and the energy transmitted by even by this very short burst if huge. This is why detonations are dangerous. A detonating balloon whould likely tear the streamer in half. Regards Hooper Long Island Cement | Master Spa Products | Moving to the Carolinas
  2. www.my-fishing-report.com! Without question, this is the best fishing reports website and on it you'll find the best places to fish and latest fishing reoprts all tied to a map. Source(s): www.my-fishing-report.com Thanks Franklin Environmental Chambers | Heating and Air Baltimore | Raleigh Painting Company
  3. It means the sex you are having isn't too good! Thanks Smules NC Oil Change | Childrens Upholstered Furniture | Professional Translation Services
  4. I believe they can cross breed and it sounds like you caught a hybrid - Large/Small mouth bass... you can call it a Lall bass or a Sarge bass... Thanks Chris Brow
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