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  1. Well its been along time since I've visted the site, had a busy year of fishing but my fav if i have to pick would be channel cats. Up here in Manitoba on the Red they average between 34 to 38 inches which I'm guessing would e 20 plus lbs range. There are cats that also go over 40 inches here. You battle one of these big boys and you have to take a break after to rest your aching arms. Man that wa a tought call because we got big Carp here Freshwater Drum, Big Buffalo alot of different species to test you......Pineriver
  2. Well Thanks guys for the great welcome, I feel at home already. I can see that there are some good guys on this site . The site was recommened to me by a close friend , who uses this site alot. Don't know what name he's using here I think its mbcarp or something like that. Gee I dont know if I can help any of these guys with their english, for sure not the Queens english for time to time , well quite alot I make numerous typo errors.but what the hey I'm not here for ny typing I'm here for the joy of learning and having fun while I do it. Till then tight lines to all.....pineriver(also so known as Kim)
  3. Just joined the site , so I thought I'd say hi. Been flyfishing for about four years now. I'm from wpg. mb. and have the good fortune to fish from everthing from trout to carp and channel cats. Looking forward to checking out the site , seen a bit of it and I'm liking it already...... pineriver
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