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  1. Nice set. The nymph really stands out to me. Definitely tying a few of them, I'm certain they will crush fish!
  2. Been doing this for many years on my small nymphs. Much more durable than hackle fibers & adds very subtle flash since the top sides are a bit shiny.
  3. Waist height breathables with *at least* studded boots (prefer studded + felt, I can confidently wade anywhere with them), or wet wade in the summer. I don't use a wading staff, personally. I also often fish right from the bank or very close to it, waders are for if I need to cross or occasionaly help reach a spot. Plus if you're wading over knee height, you're standing where you should be fishing IMO.
  4. I would say ostrich, as you already suggested. Another thought that comes to mind is sparse antron fibers in a dubbing loop in open spirals up the body. CDC, maybe?
  5. TMC 3769 , size 12 Pheasant tail Peacock Hare's mask Marabou Copper wire UTC 70 denier black
  6. Raven & Blackbird tackle make micro swivels (commonly used in float fishing). I've used them on occasion while fly fishing for the purpose you describe. Check out centerpinangling.com.
  7. IMO nymphs for trout ANYWHERE: Hare's ear (natural, olive, black) Pheasant tails (same colors) Prince nymph I nymph probably 99% of the time, and one of these three are on the end of my tippet 99% of that time (hare's ear easily taking the top spot).
  8. Steelhead are #1 for me. Don't get to fish for them as often as I'd like, so trout fill in the gaps. Smallies in the summer when the water's too warm to harass the trout.
  9. I could most definately see a steelhead eating that.
  10. IMO, you should listen to the loud voice. To me, half the fun is creating your own patterns. And yes, many of the flies I just made up catch lots of fish.
  11. Very caddis-like. That will catch fish for sure.
  12. Off topic: what kind of bead is that?? I have some ideas rattling around that I could use them for. On topic: I don't have a computer at home, so I can't post patterns, lol. I know I personally have loads & loads of patterns that have never seen water. Just stuff I've dreamed up that I think may work, but 90% of the time I just tie on a Hare's Ear.
  13. Very cool! Looks like steelie candy to me...
  14. My interest is piqued, I have all sorts of ideas for these. A question though, for those who use them. About the jig hooks, are there any sold with the weight attached already, or is it their "jig hook" with a bead added before tying?? I did a quick search and the only ones I found were just plain hooks. Thanks.
  15. My thoughts exactly. I really like the look of this one, nice job.
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