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  1. Thanks for the quick reply.
  2. I voted original but I have had success with a lot of colors.
  3. Hey guys I was just wondering if any of you could identify this feather. Also where would I get more. Thanks, Will
  4. I used to pinch, now I just buy barb-less if I can.
  5. Thanks for all the responses, I will try to hold it like that and give it a few days (thanks for the pic that helps). If that dont work out I will try your idea Ronn thanks.
  6. Thanks for the responce maybe I just need to get used to it for a bit. It is the missing arm that is bugging me.
  7. I bought a Rite bobbin today and I do not like it. I tied a couple dozen flies with it and it feels odd in my hand to say the least. I thought I would ask if anyone had any advice before I give up on it. Do I need to hold it different or something? I am going to keep tying with it for a day or two to see if it gets any better but I am less than impressed.
  8. I really liked it although I think it could have been 30 minutes shorter and not hurt it at all. I have a really hard time siting still for that long.
  9. I have received excellent service from J Stockard.
  10. I like Superfine myself for most of my dries.
  11. Hey everyone, I have been lurking for a while and decided it was time to step out of the shadows. I have been tying flies since I was 6 or so years old. I took off the teenage years and returned to tying and fly fishing about 6 years ago. My Indian name is "slayer of baby fishes". I like to tie any type of flies, but I spend most of my time on drys as that is what I like to fish with the most. Other things about me: My other hobbies include hiking, knife making, MMA, kick boxing, BJJ, weightlifting, big game hunting, camping, watching football, collecting firearms, riding my horses, and anything else that is outdoors. When I have to waste perfectly good fishing time working I do construction, mostly driving a dump truck or operating heavy equipment.
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