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  1. Hi Buddy, Emal sent. Cheers Daniel
  2. Hi Buddy, mind if I send you an email also??
  3. Need to move my vice around quite a bit (need space to build rods etc) Made myself a pedestal from an old marble fireplace. It's got a lot of weight and I have to be really heavy handed while tying to get it to move around.
  4. Thanks for the repy Al, I like the idea. I'll have to get myself a peg board and get started. Cheers
  5. I was just wondering how most of you fellows go about storing and organising your hook collection? I've just moved into a new property and my lovely girlfriend has allowed me to utilise one of the room as a fly tying/rod building room The only condition is I have to keep it clean and tidy Any advice on organising my sprawling hook collection? Cheers Daniel
  6. The time has come to upgrade my vice and i've more or less made my mind up and narrowed it down to two, the Dyna King Squire and the HMH Spartan. Do any of you own of these vices and have any comments that may prove useful in helping me in my decision? Thanks for any advice you can provide.
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