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  1. Do like those Spider flies of yours.Like the rubber fur combo....my kinda fly.
  2. I tied the 1st one of these this spring the red n black one and believe you me when I say this fly catches pike.I have an article on my blog which shows me with a 5 kilo pike with the condom streamer sticking out its mouth.just type in Durex condom pike streamer in to the search area.My missus took the photo.Caught it 3rd cast in.Actually the more tattered it becomes the better it fishes.Is a bugger to cast but once under the water it kick ass.
  3. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by PikeFFArticles: Durex condom pike streamer
  4. Cheers chaps, will be entered in to this years fly tying comp on here......fingers crossed. The eyes are from www.Deercreek.com and they are called Gator eyes.They come in a range of colours. Nic wright is the chap that runs the set up.give him shout. Thanks again chaps Si
  5. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by PikeFFArticles: Black widow angel streamer
  6. Actually you came up in my live traffic feed,was just interested where people visit from and came across your comment. Just joined so I could leave a comment. Not really into the forum thing though.........I see the the same old faces everywhere I go and get quite bored listening to the same old bollocks all the time. Anyway thanks for the kind words fellas....very much appreciated. will be doing lots more tutorials over the next few months for you to use. Cheers Si
  7. Thanks guys,its always nice when someone enjoys my flies,hope they have been catching you some snotrockets.
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