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  1. what makes this fly a skater? i thought skater style flies have 2 hackles tied toward each other that just looks palmered hackle stone bugger or something I`m no saying anything is wrong with it at all but i just have been learning about these a couple weeks ago and the name caught my eye but didn't look like a skater cause of the hackle points so i did a search and found this The key to tying the skater pattern is in the technique. The rear hackle is tied with the bright side to the rear. The front hackle is bright side forward and the middle can face either way. The hackles are then pressed together so that the tips come to a point above and below the shank.
  2. i was just playing around with some Zonker stripes making minnows using dumbbell eyes the first couple i didn't like the look cause the eyes were like too close to the front so i tried moved the eyes back almost so i could do a couple wraps in front of the eyes no it would make it like the eyes were more in the right spot What do you think ? I do know the tail is a little long but went for so being a longer strip have a lil more motion like if it were a tail
  3. wow this topic sure took off I see I`m not the only 1 lol I know the reason i do it supplies being so pricey now a days I`m always looking for a way to save some cash and plus if a person finds something that hasn't been used then they could make a original pattern and i like that And yeah the dollar store i always check them out just cause it s fun to imagine what you can do with some of the stuff there the way i look at it is turning junk into something useful lol even if it is ripping it apart lmao and with Christmas stuff i just wanted to turn some trash into something useful And that funny Ron snagged the tag of it did yeah lol yeah some of those ribbons and bows have cool texture and holographic colors and Ron about the rabbit better hope Karma doesn't get you ,you`ll go bald lmao just teasing Kinda with i had a paper shredder just to run some trough and see what it looks like then they could be used for something other than a body and the Santa beard there s a good find for streamers *keeps hi eyes open for 1 now lol* and yeah those little rubber bands for toys i keep them too awesome for body`s I`m glad to hear I`m not the only 1 that thinks those are a score lol and yeah do they ever package those to stay it s not like a kid can get them out My kids I`ll look over and they ll be chewing it out of the box lol but whatever more body material lol And yeah Ive eyed up pets for sure and have used my mother s dogs brindle boxer with a stubby tail and right at the end get a little twist of long hair i always trim it lol brindle looks so buggy too and Jman great idea never checked out the florists for materials there s 1 by my house =) i love going by second hand store i find a lot of materials there anyone find anything cool they haven't thought of using before lately ? Randy
  4. i was just wondering am i the only 1? Christmas went by and all the trash and wrapping are left over with fancy bags and ribbons packaging and it s like everything i look at I`m looking for different materials to tie flies with Does anyone do the same ? I just threw out a bunch of Christmas stuff but ripped off all the handles odd the fancy bags which had various colors kinda like rope but when taken a part makes killer nylon floss has anyone ever used that and Nylon there wouldn't be anything that wouldn't make that unusable is there ? And i noticed there s some cool bows that are made out of a plastic type of material when cut into strips makes a nice body with a translucent effect cause of the sparkly color of it anyone else ever try any of these materials ? Randy
  5. Once upon a flimsy gray rod there were no slimy worms allowed which made the sky pink with marmalade and fish sticks. Then someone farted. It smelled like a bait fisherman’s truck. A little old green '53 Chevy rots in the molten lava beds of Hawaii. the grateful dead played a variation of spanking the monkey while a fisherman with his binoculars lmao
  6. I know the wings don't float directly in the water but the wings are tied onto the body of the fly what does give extra float ability cause a dry stays up on the body and tail of the fly or that how they are supposed to sit from what Ive read inn several books really it depends what material your using I`m kinda referring t hair wings rather than feathers
  7. Don`t get me wrong I agree with that wing not only make it more real which if imitates what the fish are feeding on will provoke more strikes All i was pointing out is the answer could be yes cause as long as you have a good hackle it would still float maybe not as good as with wings but there is patterns that incorporate the hackle as the wings fluttering And depending on how the hackle is tied inn really sets it apart as either a dry or soft hackle fly which do work and don't have wings just a collar I`m sure some of the more experienced guys could elaborate a lot more Randy
  8. yeah I`d say that wings are there to fool a fish but that really doesn't make it that it wouldn't work as good for fishing ,just fishing as a dry really without wings it would sit lower in the water which would imitate something hatching a emerging pattern And depending on when it s fished could even produce more fish than a dry that s right on the top of the water that s all from my understanding Randy
  9. I`m pretty sure it wouldn't make much difference to the fish but would make them a little harder to fish as a dry fly mainly cause the wings are there as a little something extra to make them float and stay higher on the water Randy
  10. how s it going Man so from Chase cool I`m from the lower mainland Maple Ridge B.C So your mostlt into the still water fishing eh You ever get out on the Adams river ? Ive always wanted to head up that way been fishing inn Kamloops but mostly would head up too 100 mile area but haven't for years When fishing still water around here i mostly head up to the back of Harrison lake but other than that Fishing rivers is what i do mostly Randy
  11. how s it going and welcome to ftf It`s always awesome seeing other members from the same neck of the woods Randy
  12. I don`t think anyone knows who your directing your negativity too what s the point of just asking what s the point if you don`t direct it ? the point of my post was just to joke around cause i already knew what PeterJay was saying and that last part man that s funny;)
  13. I wonder Could a person charge more if they used their feet lmao toe tied lmao
  14. I`d have to say I like rivers and streams mostly cause i like to explore and not see what around the next bend
  15. I asked for cash so I`m off to my local fly shop today to pick up some materials hoping to save some cash doing my material shopping on boxing day Anyone else hitting up some boxing day sales ?
  16. I voted Grizzly as well i just love how buggy it makes things look
  17. Hey Rick hows the holidays going ? wow you have a cool site and that book looks awesome looks like you've been at it a while so your from Cloverdale cool So i bet you hit up the Vedder from time to time?
  18. I just recently joined and have noticed a few Canadians and some from B.C It`d be nice to know who 1 another are maybe have some swaps or even meet and do some fishing or tying
  19. what kind of wood is that table in the first pic looks awesome love the grain is it Cherry ? cause that little block looks to be Walnut so that s my guess i like the bobbin too what does 1 of them cost you?
  20. I`m going to Jump inn on this 1 if there s room, I think I just made it being 15 ? with a pattern tbd I just tied my go too for my last swap ( tie what you want ) so I`ll have to figure out what i want to do still
  21. WOW I`ll get mine out shortly I just noticed pretty much everyone has sent their s inn Ive kinda put it off a bit cause of Christmas and the due date being inn Feb but if we can end the swap earlier than that I`ll get on it and get them out before the end of the year lmao can you send me your Addy
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