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  1. I'm in for one FTF and one Hatches, both in XXL, both Indigo. 16+16+3 = $35 Eben
  2. Blue, not a peep! Evan, excellent point, and no, I ain't! Deek, no slots, just screw holes in the base for the two attached pieces. Urb
  3. Well, as an owner of a bunch of nice knives, (And a chef by trade), I have NO idea why one would need such a thing, but that pic IS IT! Funnier than hell in any event! Urb
  4. To me, FKs suggestion seems most likely... E
  5. Ha! I love it, and I'm pleased nobody else knows what the damn thing is either! ;-) Urb
  6. Yeah, E, kinda thinkin' the same, but my visual ain't clickin' yet... Urb
  7. OK Gang, Monica found this, brought it home and asked if I can use it - I have zero idea what it is - So... What IS IT? urb
  8. Yep, since '05! Anyway, I'm Eben, from north Texas, and while I've been away, this site has quietly stayed in touch and I finally go the reappear clue - Couldn't believe it'd been five years, but it had... Anyway, howdy again! E
  9. I dunno, Cone - I kinda like yours, too - Now to figure out where I could get away with that... Convert the home office? Take space out of the guitar workshop? Send the 14 yr old away to school? Eben
  10. Aerie

    size 20

    QUOTE (conehead @ Mar 10 2005, 01:47 PM) Actually the smaller you go the easier and faster it is. I use a 2 1/2 x magnifying lens and light. 1. 4 turns of thread, add fibers for a tail 2. A thread body with a hi-vis post 3. Then tie in the butt end of a #32 hackle 4. Two circles around the post, whip finish and your done I use a lot of 22-32 midges here in south-central PA, and found that after you get the hang of it, you tie them faster and with less cost (less material) than any other fly. For #24-32, I use a 8x tippet, no problem. Hint: If your eyes are old and weak, tie the tippet on the fly at the bench Conehead Just can't seem to find cones to fit those #32s Thanks, Cone - Went off to my local Office Depot and found a nice magnifier light for $14.00 - Works great!! Much easier on my poor ol' eyes! Eben
  11. Aerie

    size 20

    I'll check that out, thanks! She hunts, too - and cleans her own birds! But most imortantly, she lets me borrow her Sage 4 weight! Eben
  12. You know, that's kinda where my mind ran on it - but I did tie a half dozen Adams with her, and I'll throw some floatant on them and see! Eben
  13. Well, Heck - I'd be happy to build or design you one... I've done finish carpentry, cabinets, and guitars for quite a while now - I'd be happy to help you design, or whatever you need! Eben
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