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  1. done deal! i had a hard time picking ONE also :thumbup: for everyone who entered!
  2. http://globalflyfisher.com/tiebetter/hotmelt/ PERFECT thanks flytire. i forgot to use my best friend(google) for imformation
  3. i found a box full of mini glue sticks and a high temp glue gun that i had used in highschool for my clubs... i saw a thread on another forum (2-4years old i think) and they were making bonefish bitter blanks with hot glue! so i cracked open the box, put some eyes on the shank and OOZed out some glue on to the eyes and... double-you-Tee-eff?.... not looking anything like .. well ANYTHING ): After atleast 15 tries.. im very frustrated! :wallbash: I need all the help i can get so if anyone have a stepbystep/tutorial saved please share them with me (:
  4. i have the exact same thing and had the exact same problem.. but i only paid under $3 (was on sale) so
  5. tying realistic? you sure fooled my mom! and she's around her mid 40s! what fish eats turtles?
  6. I've been thinking of tying up some craft fur clousers but cant seem to find the size that i really need.. Where can i get them in 2inch+ sizes?
  7. i live around hollywood area myself and they are both about 30minute away :yahoo:
  8. I'll just embarrass myself but I'll love to take a shot at this
  9. :wallbash: i didnt think about that.. i land all my fish that get hooked except some overly annoying shovelnose guitarfish that seems to feed on my flies often. thanks for the heads up tho. i still ordered some 3366 hooks to try out so would take me couple of months to start ordering those nickle hooks anyways
  10. lol i see no names on them but here are the links. http://cgi.ebay.com/No-6-Silver-Hooks-100-...=item19b9201cf1 http://cgi.ebay.com/No-6-Silver-Hooks-100-...=item4a9b20e904 friend is telling me it takes up to 2-3 weeks to get here(USA from Hong Kong) fastest was 10 days. AND he is also telling me to look at the pictures carefully cus the hook size number system is differnet there. i forgot to mention that these are really sharp out of the box. and i noticed somehooks have weird unclosed eyes and some are perfectly fine.. eh i dont care goodluck!
  11. thanks guys but i found my source for these saltwater hooks (: my friends been using those chinese hooks from ebay and they say they have no problems with them what so ever! i jacked a couple to try bending them and they are quite sturdy. under $3 for 100 hooks nickle plated. im not one of those brand seekers or sell any of my flies so i'll be fine with these again thanks guys!
  12. I started tying not too long ago and I've been tying on my old bait hooks that i had in my tackle box. they fished fine until i noticed some rust around the eye, probably on the shank too. i started to throw the rusted ones out and eh more than half of em went in the thrash. any recommendations for saltwater hooks? and are Mustard 3366 sproat hooks any good on the surf? (100/$3.. they any good?) i mostly tie clouser/gotcha/moe crab patterns.
  13. the Marabu Clouser seems deadly! would look great too if tied more sparsly! those gills are a +
  14. mayb the fudges/browny was a SPECIAL that your friend had cooked up? if not... that is one scary a** story! if you catch whatever it was, make sure you get some of if it's goat like hair for your fly collection!
  15. ebay ebay ebay. if your timing is right, you could snatch up some good quality materials for a super low price. there are people who swear not to shop @ ebay ever again. BUT I personally have had no problems after buying more than 90 items (i have 90+ feedbacks).. try typing in FLY TYING or FLY KIT or FLY LOT..... stuff like that. might find something useful
  16. seems fishyy! i shall try some out (: thanks
  18. oh the dubbing loop... i always make a mess :wallbash: but will try this out tonight! thanks!
  19. looks awsome! i lke your red/white/black combo as well!
  20. saw it the night it came out with my girlfriend (on a wheel chair..) well the movie was a blast! also saw Sherlock Homes @ midnight and DANG! loved it as well
  21. :hyst: well mine came yesterday in a box......... and...... IT WAS SO FULL OF AMAZING STUFF!. there are so many STUFF i cant even imagine what to tie with them.. better yet, if anyone have any special patterns using the SciEntisT's materials, Please POST THEM!!! Thanks in advance!
  22. he shipped mine today (Wednesday) using priority mail (: will be getting it on monday at the latest!
  23. as i expected! great looking materials! but last time when i ordered some stuff, he didnt have those lables looks good! i hope mine are on their way~
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