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  1. Thanks alot for the information. I will contact the ones you suggest =)
  2. Im a rather experienced fly tier from Iceland that came across really small tungsten cones which I bought and am happy with, but, i cant seem to fit any plastic micro tubing ive got into them. I´ve sent inqueries to firms that specialize in small tubing etc. but with no luck! I have some HMH/veniard and other tubing, but they are far from fitting. I NEED SOMETHING TO FIT in the hole there must be something, soft and small enough out there.. (I feel like a perv. describing this) these are the cones and believe me, Ive tied alot of micro ones over the years, and this one is micro micro, even though the picture doesnt quite give the right comparison.... http://www.canadianllama.com/eyes-beads-cones/tungsten-cones/tungsten-cone-heads-20-pack
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