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  1. I started out with a cheapie from a kit,then went to a Thompson that I used for years. Last year my old girlfriend bought me an Apex Anvil . Other than a small hook jumpimg out and the vise reminding me of all the drama she put me through it's been a good vise . I would like to try a rotary vise sometime.I too can't see 300.00 for a vise .
  2. I like to tie deer hair spun flies and streamers.I have been playing with some bunny muddlers this past week.
  3. Hello the board ! I was searching the internet for a fly pattern and came across your site .I checked it out and signed up.Looks like some great information here. I have been hunting and fishing most of my life and fly fishing for some years now.Smallmouth is my favorite game but I get into the salt some too.i live very close to the salt water end of the Potomac River.Nice to be here . Moonax
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