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  1. What about P-line Halo? It's a fairly bright green.
  2. could a sharpie be used to color the body instead of the airbrush?
  3. I thought it was some type of hex, thanks for the id
  4. Saw this at a lake with water temps in the mid to high seventies so i am a little perplexed,I'm assuming it came from a nearby stream, some of which do hold trout, any ideas? It was by far the largest mayfly i've ever seen.
  5. I fish a three weight too and #6 Mustad 3366's are no problem
  6. I know that they're gizzard shad, just wanted to see if you had any experience in lakes. Sounds like a pretty good challenge then if nobody else does it
  7. Do you have any experience with shad in lakes on shallow flats? During the summer I see them in schools of 4 or 5 in the morning but have never gotten one to bite.
  8. This? http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Do-it_Jig_F...ge-DIJIGFI.html
  9. the deer hair IS the parachute just as hackle IS the parachute the POST is not the parachute Thank you for clarifying that for me then.
  10. after putting the deer hair into those wire loops how would you tie on a parachute? Right onto the wire with some thread?
  11. I was thinking about parachutes the other night and how to improve them. One idea I had was to spin a little deer hair around the post instead of a feather. Has anyone ever tried this?
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