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  1. yep always remember the 1st. Mine was a 14 inch cuttie on a EHC I tied, now i rarely buy my flies.
  2. Nice ties, really like the white ones, they would slay BUll trout here in Alberta. If I was to add something maybe a little red flash just behind the eyes.
  3. This swap still open for add ons. sound really sweet? [email protected]@st
  4. Hey Chuckandducker, I beleive I welcomed you to FFC on that board I go by Teck. I live in the NW Bowness to be exact and Fish the bow every chance I can get. in the off season but only during the week in the on season the weekends are meant to escape the city so you'll ussually find me on the Oldman, livingston and some other great small streams that for now shall remain nameless. We'll have to get out some time. [email protected]@ast aka Teck
  5. HI all, I'm from Calgary. been fly fishing for 4 yrs and tying for 2. Still having issues with controlling materials on dries. but improving slowly hoping to gleen some info from the advanced (or any tyier) here to speed up the learning curve. Thanks [email protected]@st
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