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  1. Sweet Deal!!! I Love reading John Gierach, I picked up "Another Lousy Day in Paradise" at the used book store the other day for less then half price. The dry fly book by Randall Kaufmann is great and worth more then you paid for the whole bunch!!
  2. I usually tie in the morning before work and have the TV on the weather channel...or... I listen to my Ipod on shuffle, everything from clasic rock to current rock, alterative and metal
  3. Stimulator would be my choice too
  4. Nice job!! My other hobby is wood carving, I also belong to this forum http://www.woodcarvingillustrated.com/forum/ there is a forum for Pyrography and woodburnng here http://www.woodcarvingillustrated.com/forum/f58/ Like here, there is some great stuff there. You're right about doing something for your wife now and then, it keeps her happy and it's easier to explain WHY you need more tools. I carved this horse for my wife a few years back and this last year around this time for her. Keep it up and I can't wait to see more from you.
  5. I like the SLF dubbing also, makes mini leaches look slimy, and adds alot of color depth to other patterns...to me, that depth of color looks more buggy.
  6. I had the same problem with a Partridge skin I purchased online, strong smell of mothballs. I left it in the garage, out of the bag, for probably three months…maybe longer. When I couldn’t smell the odor any longer I put the skin back in a new bag. Every time I pull it out now though, I still get a faint whiff.
  7. Hi TNflytier, I've just picked up FF too. I found some great information from some online video's by GARY BORGER. Do a Google video serch of "Fly Fishing For Trout" If I remember right there is a sieres of six, 8-10 minute video's with a ton of info on tecniques for different situations on the river. I've watched them a few times as well as written notes that a refer too often. Check it out.
  8. I Like it a lot too, nice color combinartion...
  9. +1 on the photo comp. here too!! and the fly looks great also!! Here's a dumb question from a noob. My Peacock quill is dark...I've not seen, or even knew I could get it light in color. Where did find the material? I love the two tone it has.
  10. I also use the Renzetti Traveler for size 10-20 trout flies
  11. TPugliese


    Hi GWP, I'm new to FF so I have VERY limited experience but I did run across this artical today that may be of interest. http://www.midcurrent.com/articles/techniq...ndtheswing.aspx ---tony
  12. Hi Wyldemurph!!, Welcome. Start looking around there is a ton here.
  13. Those are great videos TxEngr, worth watching!
  14. That's a good one! I'll be adding it to my box.
  15. Check out www.charliesflyboxinc.com for a lot of fly patterns with step by step instructions. there is a soft hackle pattern on the list, just click on fly box (text) on the right side of the page. Once on the fly box page click on the drop down menu and select the pattern of choice.
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